Jared Goff Now Makes As Much As Aaron Rodgers Does…Which Means Goff is Drastically Underpaid

Guys, it can really be this simple. The Los Angeles Rams have discovered this magic potion called common sense and they appear to have a secret supply of it that most NFL teams can’t even fathom.

You make it to the Super Bowl, you extend GM Les Snead, head coach Sean McVay, star receiver Brandin Cooks, defensive anchor Aaron Donald, MVP caliber running back Todd Gurley and QB1 Jared Goff.

That’s it. You don’t need to overthink it any further than that.

There are so many people who believe that Jared Goff actually stinks and all of his success is just the result of mad genius, Sean McVay and his system.

So what?

Uh, are we pretending like Bill Belichick’s genius and his system hasn’t won every single Super Bowl ever? So now it’s suddenly a bad thing to have an amazing coach and a quarterback that can make every throw asked of him? Ok.

Again, the Rams just made the Super Bowl. Let’s not complicate this.

Goff’s extension kicks in 2021 where he will be making $33.5 million which would be the third highest annual salary in the NFL tied with Aaron Rodgers. To everyone thinking that’s way too high of a salary figure for Goff, by the time 2021 rolls around, the salary cap—which dramatically increases every season—will be up exponentially and the Rams will still have plenty of room to build around him.

If anything, we need to be talking about how overpaid Aaron Rodgers is considering the Packers haven’t had a winning season since 2016. Rodgers’s new deal was essentially a lifetime achievement award.

Jared Goff had a better season than Rodgers across the board. Goff threw for more yards, had a higher completion percentage, more touchdowns and a higher quarterback rating.

Y’all told me that Rodgers was the best quarterback in the NFL? Strange. Because it looks like Goff was both better statistically and had more team success. Hm.

I can say with complete confidence for the remainder of Aaron Rodgers’s career, Jared Goff’s Rams will have a better win-loss record than the Packers.

Jared Goff deserves a raise.

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