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James Dolan is a Coward Who Should’ve Let Coronavirus Take Him

The United States has errupted in nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd by the hands of the police. The NBA, a league that simply would not exist without the contributions of black people, all showed their solidarity with the cause. Except for the New York Knicks. Their owner, James Dolan, sent out an email telling his employees to stay silent.

“We know that some of you have asked about whether our company is going to make a public statement about the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. I want you to know, I realize the importance of this issue. Therefore, I want you to understand our internal position.

This is a turbulent time in our country. The coronavirus and civil unrest have taken their toll on our way of life. We at Madison Square Garden stand by our values of a respectful and peaceful workplace. We always will.

As companies in the business of sports and entertainment, however, we are not any more qualified than anyone else to offer our opinion on social matters. What’s important is how we operate. Our companies are committed to upholding our values, which include creating a respectful workplace for all, and that will never change. What we say to each other matters. How we treat each other matters. And that’s what will get us through this difficult time.”

What a disgusting gutless display of cowardice by the same tiny fragile adult-baby that bans teenagers who yell at him to sell the team that has been the losingest NBA franchise of the last decade.

He could’ve allowed his PR team to write up one of those generic messages that don’t mention racism or police brutality and only talk about support and hope or whatever bullshit but even THAT was too kind for Dolan.

James Dolan released a statement after Richard Jefferson jokingly said the Knicks offered him a contract once and he turned it down. Jefferson made a joke and Dolan grabbed the PR team to release a statement saying that they never offered RJ a deal.

That was more important to James Dolan than showing solidarity with the black community.

James Dolan hired Steve Stoute as a ‘brand consultant’ for the organization and after an ESPN First Take appearance in which he suggested that they might be looking for a new head coach, Dolan released a statement saying that Stoute didn’t have authority over hirings.

So Dolan has only made public statements in order to take power away from black men but when given a chance to support them he sent a memo to employees to stay silent.

And to everyone defending him about hiring black executives, please do not share your thoughts and opinions until after you graduate kindergarten.

There are two reasons why guys like James Dolan and Donald Sterling hire black employees: 1. To have control over them. You guys do know that racists enjoy telling black people what to do, right? Having power and authority over people you don’t respect is cocaine directly into a racist’s low self-esteem. They love that shit.

And 2. Donald Sterling got off on having black people be subservient to him. He loved believing that they’d be helpless if it weren’t for the crumbs he threw them.

Now, I do believe that James Dolan and Steve Mills are good friends which is why he kept his executive position despite Mills driving the team into the dirt. But you have to recognize when a spoiled rich white man keeps black people around exclusively to pat himself on the back for doing so.

James Dolan isn’t releasing a statement because he doesn’t see a problem with police brutality. He’s always been a bootlicker and no video is going to change his mind. My man literally allowed a crooked cop to run the Madison Square Garden security and give other cops money under the table to do some additional security work with him.

No PR statement defending the hiring of a cop who attempted to rip off a drug dealer but a PR statement after you made Spike Lee suddenly use a different entrance after decades of him entering the building the same exact way every night.

James Dolan is a remarkably petty obese incompetent overwhelmingly weak man with dumb for brains that has never once in his life been right or correct about anything.

It’s a shame he couldn’t just free us all from his nonsense and just allow the Coronavirus to melt his respiratory system. Coward.



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