Jae Crowder and John Wall Almost Murdered Each Other Last Night

Jae Crowder put a finger in John Wall’s face postgame and an argument ensued.

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Yes, WAR. Let’s gooo. There’s nothing in the NBA I love more than goons. Just two jerks out there on the hardwood looking to ruin each other’s nights. What’s better than this?

On Wednesday night, the Boston Celtics defeated the Washington Wizards 117-108 and after the final buzzer, a Jae Crowder John Wall scuffle broke out. It was chippy all night and NBA players are the most petty humans on the planet.

Apparently security had to separate them outside of the locker rooms as well as other players joined in the heated arguments. After watching both of these two teams play, I can’t really take a side. Both teams love to throw elbows since neither is really too athletic, they have to try to be more physical.

Personally, I hate the Celtics and I would’ve loved for a gigantic WWF brawl to break out just to see Marcus Smart molliwhopped into the bleachers. One day.


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