Here’s Why The XFL Will Actually Succeed This Time Around


WWE founder and chairman Vince McMahon announced Thursday he is giving a professional football league another go.

It will be called the XFL, the same name of the league McMahon and NBC tried for one season in 2001, but it won’t rely on flashy cheerleaders and antics as its predecessor did, he said.


McMahon said he is the sole funding source for the league, which is slated to begin in January 2020. Its first season will have eight teams around the country playing a 10-week schedule. The initial outlay of money is expected to be around $100 million, the same amount of WWE stock McMahon sold last month and funneled into Alpha Entertainment, the company he founded for the project.

“I wanted to do this since the day we stopped the other one,” McMahon told ESPN in an exclusive interview. “A chance to do it with no partners, strictly funded by me, which would allow me to look in the mirror and say, ‘You were the one who screwed this up,’ or ‘You made this thing a success.'”


The original 2001 run of the XFL was weird and dumb and unwanted. The world didn’t need an NFL alternative surrounded by professional wrestlers, strippers and ‘athletes’ in their mid 30’s trying to relive their ol’ glory days.

It was very early 2000’s wrestling with crotch chops and boobs which normally, I’m all here for, but the problem is that it didn’t distract you from the fact that no one on the field knew how to actually play the sport of football. The teams were filled with rejects, has-beens and baristas.

Finding talent shouldn’t be an issue this time around. If the XFL is smart, they already have Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III in contract negotiations. There are so many talented athletes playing college football who don’t make NFL rosters that if the XFL targets guys like Jalen Hurts from Alabama instead of like, his Phys. ed teacher like they would have done in 2001, then they could have exactly what they were missing the first time around: stars.

No shade to Rod Smart. He Hate Me was a cool jersey, for about two weeks. Then you remember that’s an average kick returner and he is in no way the star of an entire sports league. You know who could be a star though? Matt Leinart throwing to Justin Blackmon. That’s how you re-sell this league. Bring in talented players.

But clearly there is more to the XFL buzz and we can’t ignore the elephant in the room that is standing on the table yelling for these ‘ungrateful millionaires’ to stand for the National Anthem.

Vince McMahon has made it abundantly clear that there will be no protests in his league. The XFL plainly stating that this is for white dudes who don’t care about police brutality and racial equality. You have to respect Vince for finding a market and exploiting their stupidity.

Finally, it’s not 2001 anymore which means there are about 1,049 new ways to distribute content. XFL games used to get knocked off the air when Saturday Night Live started. NBC aired The XFL because they didn’t have NFL rights yet but there was no real loyalty to the product.

Now, Vince can throw the XFL directly onto Facebook which is a huge possibility now that the WWF has just begun streaming a weekly show on that platform. He’s obviously experimenting with that process currently and preparing for the big XFL news to drop that games will be streamed online.

If they keep the strippers and professional wrestlers out and acquired great talent and coaches like Jeff Fisher who are disgraced from returning to the NFL but are for sure good enough to coach JaMarcus Russell.

If they hang American flags everywhere and on everything, they will snatch up the wonderful people who want to see athletes murder each other by slamming their heads together 90 times a game but don’t want them to speak up on their friends and families being taken advantage of by law enforcement because the TROOOOOPSSSSS.

Regardless, I am here for all of the nonsense. XFL4LYFE.







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