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Here’s Baker Mayfield Literally Crying After Losing His Captaincy For Senior Day

In case anyone was on the fence about whether or not Baker Mayfield’s abilities will translate from college to the pros, here is ya mans out here literally crying because the head coach was being a meanie and took away his captaincy for senior day. Waaaaah.

Baker Mayfield can’t act like the toughest guy on the field Saturday as he taunts fans and opponents and then cry on Tuesday after he losses the C on his jersey because he did the jerk off motion on live television. Clearly, this kid has no control over his emotions and after watching Odell Beckham lose his mind and cry every week for the last three years, good luck to any team that wastes a draft pick on him.

Mayfield is already at a disadvantage coming into the draft as he is undersized and plays like Johnny Manziel, who is currently bagging groceries at the Target outside of Calabasas. Baker Mayfield will be pushing carts at that Target if he continues to openly weep about nonsense.

Can’t wait until John Elway trades up to draft him like he did with Tim Tebow and Mayfield battles in camp with Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch in the war of ‘who can throw the least interceptions’. The Denver Broncos are going to be so fun to laugh at next season.



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