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Head Coach David Blatt Literally Whipped His Dick Out For LeBron James

David Blatt is a weird ass dude. I mean, just look at the guy. Definitely the type of guy who watches his players sleep on long flights. David Blatt is the type of guy who will run over to the stationary bike when you’re done and take a whiff. Honestly, Blatt wouldn’t be in the NBA if it weren’t for him riding LeBron’s dick so last night, Blatt decided it was time to return the favor and whipped his out for James.

[su_quote cite=”Ohio.com” url=”http://www.ohio.com/blogs/cleveland-cavaliers/cleveland-cavaliers-1.275356/cavs-122-raptors-100-jason-lloyd-s-29-thoughts-on-kyrie-irving-j-r-smith-s-shot-and-trip-ahead-1.652248″] Funny postgame moment: As James was leaving the locker room, Blatt – wearing only a towel – swung open the door to his office and called James over to him. “C’mon Coach,” James said. “I can’t talk to you like this.” He did, though. James obliged and after the two briefly chatted, James turned and walked toward Tristan Thompson. “That man was naked,” James said.[/su_quote]

As a Knicks fan I feel as though I’m supposed to hate the Cavaliers but it’s this sort of lame shit that reminds me that they’re not a real threat at all. LeBron will never scare me as an opponent if he has to deal with keeping his coach’s dick in his pants.

Michael Jordan never had to tell Phil Jackson to put his dick away. And if he ever was approached by Jackson dick out then MJ would take his out too in order to re-establish his dominance. That’s what real champions do.

Also, there is no real reason why the head coach needs to shower and be naked post-game. Shower when you get home bro, you didn’t even perspire. Classic case of a guy just wanting to whip it out for attention. If Blatt wasn’t an NBA coach he’d be running around a Sears parking lot in a trench coat terrorizing young mothers.

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