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Happy Hour News Shot: Kareem Hunt Will Beat Up Your Daughter and Alaska is Under Attack

Tonight’s Happy Hour News Shot we have Kareem Hunt ending his NFL career by throwing a woman across a room like a piece of crumbled up looseleaf and Alaska might not exist when you wake up tomorrow.


1. Kareem Hunt caught on camera shoving and woman on the ground and kick her when she’s down

I don’t have much to add here. Fuck Kareem Hunt.



2. Ariana Grande drops ‘Thank U, Next’ video for the beautiful people.

thank u, next.



3. Victor Oladipo is out indefinitely with a knee injury.

Sooo, the Indiana Pacers season is over, right?



4. Alaska quietly had an earthquake and a cute little tsunami today.

Today is the Day After Tomorrow. Hug your families. Climate change is upon us. The globe has warmed.



5. Joakim Noah returns to the NBA after signing with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Joakim Noah robbed the New York Knicks blind and is now renting an Air Bnb in Memphis with his boy, Chandler Parsons.



6. Lil Baby drops ‘Street Gossip’ to bless us with bars.

“Wah wah wah, bitch, I’m Lil Baby” REAL HIP HOP.


7. Colin Farrell and Matthew McConaughey will Star in Guy Richie’s next film ‘Toff Guys’.

Guy Ritchie’s last three films: King Arthur. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Sherlock Holmes. Toff Guys is going to STINK.


8. Doug Williams apologizes for signing Reuben Foster because he remembered that he has a wife and daughters.

I learned a valuable lesson today. Condoning domestic abuse is totallyyy fine unless you have a wife or a daughter in which case it is suddenly bad. If you do not have a wife or a daughter, you are allowed to hit girls. Thank you, Doug.



9. Porn Star Nina Hartley shut down Wisconsin.

*immediately search Nina Hartley and clicks ‘video’ tab*




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