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Georg Karl is Now Shitting on Damian Lillard Because Book Sales

Q: I’m sure you saw how people already picked up on your calling Carmelo Anthony a “user.” What’s an example of Carmelo’s being a “user”?
A: I think what I have to say about that is in the book. But here’s what I’ll say now: Melo is a hell of a player, the best offensive player I’ve ever coached. I owe him as much as anyone for my having a great record. But there’s a new generation of players interested in personal branding and gaining money and power off the court, and that’s all new to me. There were too many times with Melo when what was going on off the court was more important than what was happening on the court. It bothered me then and it bothers me now. That kind of thing bothered me just the other night.

Q: What happened?
A: I was watching the Portland Trailblazers play, and I was trying to figure out, What the hell is wrong with this team? My conclusion is that Damian Lillard is getting too much attention.

Q: What makes you think that?
A: Who controls the team? The coach and the point guard. And that team is not working. I think their coach, Terry Stotts, is a great coach. So I’m going to say the problem is Lillard. They were a together, connected, committed team last year. This year they’re not. What changed?

(USA Today)


Geoge Karl is selling a book and no one in the NBA is safe until it becomes a New York Times best seller. Is there anyone more bitter than George Karl? Here is a man so desperate for the spotlight that he doesn’t even realize how hypocritical he sounds when he complains about players wanting the spotlight.

The problem with the Portland Trailblazers isn’t that Damian Lillard is a star. That’s literally the only good thing that team has going for it. Their problem is that they’re statistically one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA, a part of the game that Karl never really excelled in during his coaching career.

Dear everyone, do not buy this guy’s book. Also dear everyone, please keep interviewing him so we can see what wild shit he’ll say next. Thanks.




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