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Gary Oldman Finally Wins His First Oscar!!! (Let’s Not Talk About The Time He Beat The Shit Out of His Wife With a Phone)

Another winner was best actor Gary Oldman, who took home his first Oscar for his performance as Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour.” Oldman’s ex-wife, Donya Fiorentino, accused him of assault in 2001, according to papers she filed in L.A. Superior Court.

“As I picked up the phone to call the police, Gary put his hand on my neck and squeezed,” she alleged. “I backed away, with the phone receiver in my hand. I tried to dial 911. Gary grabbed the phone receiver from my hand, and hit me in the face with the telephone receiver three or four times. Both of the children were crying.”

Oldman denied the allegations, calling them “replete with lies, innuendoes and half-truths.” No charges were filed. A judge awarded Oldman sole custody of their two children. Oldman has also been criticized for defending Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks. In an email to The Post in November, Oldman wrote, “This was a deeply personal and painful time in my life and I appreciated the due diligence of all involved. I was most thankful for the outcome.”

(Washington Post)


Gary Oldman is one of the greatest actors ever. He completely transforms into every role he does but not in an annoying way like Daniel Day-Lewis. Drexl in True Romance. Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK. Whatever his character’s name was in Leon: The Professional. And now Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. Gary Oldman is a chameleon.

Oh, he also choked his ex-wife and hit her with a phone. All of these things are true. He’s one of the greatest actors ever and he beat up a woman.

The problem is that the Academy Awards were filled with wonderful messages about the #MeToo movement and women taking back power so it’s an interesting look when one of the biggest awards of the night goes to a man who tried to chokeslam his lady.

Yes, what Harvey Weinstein did and what Gary Oldman was accused of doing are not the same crime. Harvey was a legitimate rapist who had the power to make or break careers. Oldman is a wife beater. But it’s all in the same category of treating women like property and dehumanizing them.

Strange to hear Frances McDormand’s impassioned speech immediately followed by a shitty dude being rewarded. I suppose time is not up yet.

Thank gawd that Ryan Seacrest was there on the red carpet as if he didn’t sexually harass his stylist.

Oh, and Kobe Bryant is a rapist.


Hollywood is the best.





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