Floyd Mayweather Lies and Says Conor McGregor Has the Advantage Going Into Their Fight

McGregor is considered a heavy underdog by most, but Mayweather acknowledged it could be a more difficult fight than some anticipate.

“He’s a lot younger. When you look at myself and Conor McGregor on paper, he’s taller, has a longer reach, he’s a bigger man from top to bottom. He’s a lot younger, so youth is on his side,” Mayweather said to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. “And I’ve been off a couple of years. And I’m in my 40s. So, if you look at everything on paper, it leans toward Conor McGregor.”


For those of you thinking that this quote is out of context and that Floyd went on to say that’s he the best and blah blah, no. He actually went on to say that he’s older and he’s slower. So allow me to explain what’s happening here.

Someone in Floyd’s camp approached him with the Pay Per View projections and it’s waaaay lower than they originally expected because no one wants to drop $100 to see a boxer who has never lost a boxing match go against a guy who isn’t a boxer in a fight that we all know is a stunt specially designed to line their bank accounts and neither fighter gives any shit about the outcome of the fight.

Soooo Floyd is now going out and saying that Conor has the advantage and that he’s a step slower now and bullshit like this so that dumb people think this will actually be a fight and spend $100 for a non-contact boxing match.

Can’t. Knock. The Hustle. Keep doing your thing, Floyd Mayweather. I’m sure the IRS is paying close attention to those PPV projections as well.




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