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Fire Aaron Boone And Have Him Arrested After That ALDS Game 3

The New York Yankees suffered the most lopsided defeat in playoff history against the Boston Red Sox at home and this entire loss has Aaron Boone’s stench all over it and Game 3 was doomed from the very beginning.

Let’s start with the fact that Luis Severino didn’t start warming up until about 8 minutes before the first pitch. It’s the biggest game of the entire season. Everything has led up to this moment. How does Severino not know when the first pitch is? Does Aaron Boone have conversations with these players?

I’m not putting 100% blame on Boone for Severino not knowing when the game was but it’s certainly indicative of the type of loose ship he’s running over there.

But none of that really matters when Luis Severino goes out there underhanding beach balls down the middle of the plate for 3 straight innings and luckily only gave up 3 runs only for Aaron Boone to send him out there in the 4th inning to load the bases with no outs.

What game was Aaron Boone watching?

Someone tried to tell me that Boone waited to put Lance Lynn in because the analytics showed that Lynn does well against Mookie Betts. Cool. Lynn immediately gave up a bases loaded walk to Betts in four straight pitches thus ending the hilarious jokes about Mookie Betts having zero playoffs RBIs.


Does Aaron Boone know it’s the fucking playoffs?

Why would Lance Lynn even be the next pitcher up? Send Chad Green out there at the top of the 4th inning. Not after Severino loads the bases. Not after Lance Lynn unloads those bases. Fuck it, send Aroldis Chapman in there. Stop the bleeding. Send Sonny Gray. Just don’t bring Severino and Lance Lynn together to lose.

And not only did Aaron Boone allow the biggest blowout in playoff history but this motherfucker sent out the BACKUP CATCHER to give up a home run to Brock Holt thus giving Holt the first cycle in playoff history and allowing him to get this feat against the Yankees.

I’m screaming as I type this. I’m punching the keyboard with furious anger. I’m also crying.

Fire Aaron Boone. Or at the very least, push him on the train tracks if they lose Game 4.




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