Extremely Homophobic Congressman, Aaron Schock, Comes Out As Gay

Aaron Schock is a piece of shit. Let’s start with that fact and work from there. Schock is the worst kind of political figure. A self-hating hypocrite who is simply attempting to amass power and financial gain at any and all costs.

His entire career consisted of him being photographed shirtless surrounded by gay men on the weekends before coming into work and voting against all pro-gay legislation placed on his desk as he manspreads as wide as he can when in his heart he truly wants to cross his tiny little gay legs but doesn’t want anyone to find out that he loooooves the taste of testicles.

To be closeted in fear that your sexuality would prevent you from achieving all of your goals is cowardice but there is some understandable humanity in being afraid that your lifestyle wouldn’t be accepted by the public.

This sociopath voted against Gay Marriage and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In 2014, the Human Rights Campaign gave Schock a score of zero (0) in a report that graded lawmakers’ voting history on LGBT issues.

Zero. The extremely gay man who had to resign in 2015 because he spent too much money giving his office an expensive makeover to look like Downton Abbey which is the gayest thing in the world a man can do—voted against every pro-gay bill that he saw.

You get absolutely no sympathy here. You are not heroic for coming out.

First of all, we already knew you were gay as hell.

Here’s a photo of Aaron Schock literally grabbing a dick.

Oh, and here he is jerking some dude off at Coachella—a very public place. Can’t get much gayer than this. I mean, unless it happened in a lavish Downton Abbey-inspired office.

Do you want to know why Aaron Schock is no longer a congressman? Because in 2016 he was indicted for wire fraud and the misuse of government funds. No one was mad that you liked making out with boys. They were mad that you spent their tax dollars to do it and then proceeded to step on the advancement of gay rights to protect your fraud.

“No one will know that I’m secretly a gay money launderer if I vote against gay marriage” -this fucking idiot.

So we don’t care about your emotional little public statement and your attempt to be a victim of oppression that didn’t exist while you went out of your way to vote and maintain the anti-gay society that you were so afraid of actively participating in.

Aaron Schock is a big gay piece of shit.

Also makes you wonder how many other super religious evangelic Christian conservative politicians who hate gay people because of the bible or whatever are actually craving to sit on a dick. Looking directly at you, Mike Pence.




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