Dwight Howard is a Bitch

Dwight Howard is a bitch. You know the best way to prove you’re a bitch? Demand some random guy in the crowd come to the locker room and fight you because you know for a fact that security isn’t going to allow a fan to walk to the back to fight an NBA player. That has happened zero times in the history of history.

Dwight Howard is a bitch.

I wish so badly that this fan climbed down there and just beat the shit out of Dwight Howard in front of everyone in the arena. That would’ve been the most viewed video in all of Youtube. Howard pretending to be tough to what was probably a 15-year old boy is so so sad.

Remember when Howard was an MVP candidate? The motherfucker brought the Orlando Magic to the NBA finals, only to lose to the Los Angeles Lakers like he did in the above clip.

Now, Dwight Howard is a bitch. Life is crazy sometimes.


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