Dwane Casey is Going To Lead The Detroit Pistons To a Solid First Round Playoff Exit Every Year

What Happened?

Dwane Casey earned the Coach of the Year award voted on by his fellow coaches. He led the Toronto Raptors to the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference and the best record in franchise history. Then LeBron James came to town and destroyed the city like Godzilla. Dwane Casey was fired. What a ride.

Now he will be replacing Stan Van Gundy in Detroit to hopefully save the Pistons from all of the garbage moves that Van Gundy made while he was also the General Manager for no reason.

Can Dwane Casey save the Detroit Pistons?

Last season, I wrote that Blake Griffin was coming to save the Pistons. Then they lost infinity games in the row and watched the playoffs at home. It appeared as though Griffin and Andre Drummond could compliment each other but then they finished 39-43 and lol nevermind.

This is what Dwane Casey had to say about the state of the Pistons:

“They have some great young players with Andre, Stanley Johnson, Reggie Jackson,” Casey said on The Jump (h/t’s Ansar Khan). “Reggie Bullock is an excellent shooter. They have a lot of good pieces. Stan Van Gundy did an excellent job of coaching that team. They only missed the playoffs by five games. We’ll see where it goes.”

When you put it that way, Casey has a lotttt of work to do. “Reggie Bullock is an excellent shooter”. That’s your secret weapon. You’re going to go out there and beat the 76ers and the Celtics and the Raptors because Reggie Bullock is scoring 11 points a night with great efficiency?

Stan Van Gundy put together the most middle of the road team of average shrugs buuuuut that’s basically what Casey inherited in Toronto before turning them into a (regular season) powerhouse. What if Casey can make Reggie Jackson into Kyle Lowry, a low-level All-Star who is good enough to not fuck up every night?

Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond are better than any player Casey has had so far. I love DeMar DeRozan but his skill set is the leas malleable. He is what he is, a guy who grew up idealizing Kobe Bryant and does a pretty decent Kobe impression minus the defense and 3-point shooting. So you know, a way worse Kobe. Way worse.

Don’t be shocked when the Pistons are a Top 3 seed in the Eastern Conference in the next few seasons. Also, don’t be shocked when the Pistons get swept out of the first round by like, Jeremy Lin and the Brooklyn Nets. Stay woke.


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