Derek Jeter Wants to Own a MLB Team

Former New York Yankees great Derek Jeter told CNBC on Wednesday his “ultimate goal” is to own a Major League Baseball team.

“In my mind, this is the greatest sport in the world,” Jeter told “Squawk Box,” saying a key motivation for owning a team would be help the game grow.

“I think baseball is taking somewhat of a back seat to some of the other sports,” said the ex-Yankees captain and shortstop, who retired in 2014 after a 20-year career with the team. “Some of the other sports are the sexy sports.”



You know what baseball 1000% needs? Derek Jeter. The more Jeter the better. You can never have enough Jeter. You could be inundated with Jeter 24/7 and there still wouldn’t be enough Jeter.

Derek Jeter is going to bring sexy back to Major League Baseball and it’s about damn time. I’m going to need all owners to offer their team up to DJ. I love baseball but I completely understand why others don’t.

Let Jeter come and save the sport. I mean, I have no idea how him owning a squad which change the sport overall but like it’s Jeter sooo benefit of the doubt.


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