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New York Giants Cutting Davis Webb Proves That The Giants Are Becoming The New York Jets

What Happened?


The New York Giants have waived their 2017 third round quarterback, Davis Webb, for a number of reasons ranging from the new front office coming in and not liking a guy that they didn’t personally draft to the fact that Davis Webb, you know, sucks at quarterback.

Every decision that new general manager, Dave Gettleman, has made this summer is incredibly short-term and borderline dumb. Eli Manning is 37-years old. Why isn’t there a backup quarterback on this team?

Again, Davis Webb sucks.

He looked absolute SHOOK out there in the preseason like the game was happening in fast forward for him. Clearly, he was not the future of this franchise but we knew that last season. Eli was benched and Webb was still the third string QB behind Geno Smith because Webb doesn’t know how to throw footballs.

So going into this summer with full knowledge that Davis Webb can’t ball, the Giants thought it would be a good idea to go out and acquire zero quality backups. I do think rookie QB, Kyle Lauletta, can actually play in this league and I like the idea of him getting more practice reps without Webb out there throwing it at receiver’s feet.

Lauletta isn’t ready to be a backup yet so what happens if Eli Manning goes down? No worries, they also kept 30-year old Alex Tanney on the roster. And who is Alex Tanney? Exactly.

Alex Tanney has played in one career NFL game. ONE. For the Tennessee Titans back in 2015. He went 10-for-14 with 99 yards and a touchdown. Cute. That’s my QB2, ladies and gentleman. 14 career NFL pass attempts.

Drafting Saquon Barkley No. 2 overall was a good idea. The Giants haven’t had a quality running game in almost a decade. Having Barkley back there might actually extend Eli’s career and take pressure off of his dead arm. Drew Brees looked like a young man last season with Alvin Kamara back there turning short screen passes into 50-yard gains.

The problem is that they then decided that they didn’t need a backup for Eli. I think Geno Smith also sucks but he’s won NFL games in the past. It made sense having him last year. Why isn’t RGIII or Teddy Bridgewater on this roster right now?

This is some reaaaaal New York Jets shit except the Jets just drafted Sam Darnold and flipped Teddy Bridgewater for more draft assets while the Giants have 5 wide receivers on their roster and 3 of them no one’s ever heard of.

The Jets and Giants have swapped futures. Buuuut none of this matters once the Giants win the Super Bowl this year and I’m pouring bud light into my eyeballs at the championship parade.




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