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Dave Gettleman is Dumb As Shit

Dave Gettleman drafted Daniel Jones with the No. 6 overall draft pick. Daniel Jones, the quarterback out of Duke, was not projected to go in the first round at all let alone the 6th total pick.

On top of that, there were so many franchise-changing defensive players on the board that went after Daniel Jones. Josh Allen, Josh Allen, Rashan Gary, Devin Bush, Montez Sweat could all elevate a team’s defense.

The Giants drafted Daniel Jones with the sixth pick.

Again, no one had Jones going in the first round. No scout had Daniel Jones higher on their board than Drew Lock, the quarterback out of Missouri. Drew Lock wasn’t selected until the 42nd pick which means Jones would have been available in the third round.

The Giants drafted Daniel Jones with the sixth pick.

Here’s what Dave Gettleman, a man who seems to hold press conferences on a daily basis, said to explain his decision to select Jones:

“I know for a fact there were two teams that would have taken him in front of 17,” Gettleman said. “I know that for a fact.”

Neither Gettleman nor Giants Coach Pat Shurmur, seated alongside him, revealed which teams had the purportedly strong interest in Jones. A reporter for SNY, Ralph Vacchiano, claimed on Twitter that the teams were the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos, citing NFL sources.

Sooo yea, that’s simply not true.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it would appear as though Dave Gettleman was tricked into thinking that the average quarterback he selected with the sixth pick, wouldn’t be available later in the draft but in reality, teams bluffed and Gettleman, being dumb as shit, took the bait.

Gettleman also came out and said that the reason why he drafted Daniel Jones is because he saw him play three series in the fucking Senior Bowl and Gettleman just ‘knew’ that was the guy.

This man decided that the future of the franchise should be a guy he saw play for a grand total of like, 16 minutes. Dwayne Haskins was the best quarterback in the history of the Big Ten. Daniel Jones was the 7th best quarterback in the ACC last year. But he was good in the Senior Bowl, a game that doesn’t matter.

The 6th pick. Daniel Jones.

Imagine if instead of drafting Saquon Barkley last season, the Giants picked Kyle Lauletta with the No. 2 pick because he was ‘their guy’ and tried to explain it by saying that you shouldn’t wait for a player to drop later in the draft if you think he’s the guy for your team which is an incredibly irresponsible argument for a general manager to make because the draft is not just about acquiring future stars but acquiring them at a premium value when they’re at their physical peak while earning their lowest possible salaries so reaching for a quarterback means you are both overpaying a shitty player while simultaneously removing the opportunity to pick a far superior player for what would be his cheapest career contract.

Fuck Dave Gettleman. I’m out here writing thesis statements making better arguments that he is. WHY DOES HE KEEP DOING DAILY PRESS CONFERENCES YO?

This man is dumb as shit.

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