Courtney Stodden and Ken Bone are Totally Going to Bone

Every Barbie needs a Ken … and Ken Bone is mine! #kenbone #boneme #presidentialdebate

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Looks like we’ve got ourselves a hot new Hollywood couple blossoming right before our eyes. Kenneth Bone, AKA Ken Bones AKA Ken Fucks is probably swimming in vag after his mic drop question about energy or whatever during last night’s presidential debate.

The most surprising thing about Courtney Stodden wanting to bang my boy Kenny Bones is that apparently she’s up to date with politics. Out of the millions viewing the presidential debate, I would’ve put all of my money on Courtney Stodden not being one of those viewers but nope, vote or die.

Do I want Ken Bones and Courtney Stodden to hump? Absolutely. Do I want to watch it happen live? Duh. Now that we’ve lost Brangelina, there’s a hole in the celebrity dating sphere. This could be the next power couple.

What does Ken do? Ken Bones.


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