Christian Hackenberg Continues His Road To The Hall of Fame As His First Two Passes For the Philadelphia Eagles Were Both Interceptions

What Happened?

The former Jets quarterback signed with the Eagles on Sunday and on Tuesday, threw his first two practice reps for interceptions.

The drills were designed to favor the defense, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, but it’s still not a great first impression for the fifth quarterback on the Eagles’ roster. According to Penn Live, the first came on a pass behind the receiver, the second when a linebacker jumped the route.

(NY Post)

Christian Hackenberg is the most fascinating player in the NFL. He is currently on his third team in the last 6 months and from all reports, he is the worst quarterback to ever throw a football yet he continues to get opportunities to throw the football.

Last training camp it was reported that he used to overthrow his receivers so badly that the balls would hit members of the media just minding their own business on the sidelines not expecting an NFL quarterback to be so inaccurate.

Then it came out that New York Jets head coach, Todd Bowles, literally kicked him out of a practice one day because he didn’t know how to break the huddle. Hackenberg didn’t know how to get his team out of the huddle. You learn that in 7th grade. You call the play. You yell ‘BREAK’ and clap. That’s it. Hackenberg couldn’t do it.

Now somehow Hackenberg has managed to fail upwards and he ended up on the defending Super Bowl champions and if I know Hackenberg like I think I know Hackenberg, he will somehow find himself in the Nick Foles role and lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl. That’s just how this story goes.

The New York Jets seemed to have found their franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold and the Eagles have found the guy who will lead them over the Patriots again when Carson Wentz inevitably gets injured this season because he plays like a bull in a china shop slamming into linebackers on every single play like Andrew Luck on coke.

Feed me all of the ‘Christian Hackenberg has a historically bad practice’ stories from now until the sun burns out.




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