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CC Sabathia, The Greatest Yankees Ever, Sacrificed a $500K Bonus Because He Was Ejected For Hitting a Batter and Protecting His Teammates

In a pretty meaningless game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, in what could possibly be his last game in pinstripes, CC Sabathia saw his boy Austin Romine get wronged and decided to stand by his brother.

CC Sabathia barely hit Devil Rays hitter, Jake Bauers, in the wrist in the bottom of the 5th inning. It was not malicious in any way. Just tried to throw inside and missed. It happens. Bauers was fine. There are worse outcomes. Aaron Judge was hit on the wrist and hasn’t hit a home run since. Rays shouldn’t care.

Then Devil Rays relief pitcher Andrew Kittredge immediately threw at Romine the next inning like an asshole. Respect to Romine for not chokeslamming Kittredge. He’s a better man than I. The Yankees went on to blow Kittredge up with 4 runs that inning including back-to-back home runs by Luke Voit and Giancarlo Stanton.

But that wasn’t enough justice for Sabathia and he plunked the first batter he faced, stared in the Devil Rays dugout and was ready to clothesline anyone that wanted war.


Sabathia had an innings incentive in his contract that would reward him with a $500K bonus. Sabathia was coasting all game and was one inning away from cashing in but chose him team over the money.

I don’t care if his fastball is gone and he usually can’t get past the 5th inning. His body can’t make it through a 162 game. Blah fucking blah. The Yankees need to bring CC Sabathia back for one more year.

Play this game in CC Sabathia’s Hall of Fame induction. If I’m going to war with 25 guys on the roster, I want all 25 guys to be CC. New York Yankees > $500,000 and an additional inning of labor.

Long Live, CC Sabathia.



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