Can The Philadelphia 76ers Win The NBA Championship Without Ben Simmons?

It is being reported that Ben Simmons is expected to miss at least two weeks after suffering a nerve impingement in his lower back but it’s more likely that Simmons will be out for the remainder of the year which isn’t great news for the 36-22 Philadelphia 76ers who currently sit at the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference.

Simmons is averaging 16.7 points, 8.2 assists and 7.8 assists while shooting 58.5% from the field. Oh, and he’s leading the NBA with 2.1 steals per game. He is without a doubt the most important player on this team with his ability to defend the opposing team’s best scorer while dictating the team’s offense and leading the team in assists.

I know it’s interesting timing for me to say that Simmons is the most important player on this team after Joel Embiid just dropped 39 and then a career-high 49 points in his last two games without Simmons

But Joel Embiid is the most inconsistent superstar in the league who only seems motivated to play hard after Shaquille O’Neal questions his masculinity or if there’s an IG model sitting courtside.

The best NBA betting odds providers believe that the Sixers are +550 to win the title this season but if the playoffs were to begin today, they’d be playing on the road against the Miami Heat which could easily end in a first round exit, with or without Simmons.

So can the Sixers win the championship without Ben Simmons?

The problem with losing Ben Simmons is that whether it’s been Bryan Colangelo in charge of this front office or Elton Brand, no one has been able to acquire a single damn point guard on this roster.
Ben Simmons is a big man who can make plays.

Imagine if the Milwaukee Bucks decided that Giannis is going to be the primary ball handler and then chose not to put any actual guards on the court with him. If the Miami Heat gave the playmaking responsibilities to Bam Adebayo and traded Goran Dragic and Kendrick Nunn off the team and replaced them with more big men.

Shake Milton and Alec Burks are sliding in to replace Simmons thus giving Philadelphia the worst backcourt in every single game they play for the rest of the year. It’s almost as if spending all of your cap space on Tobias Harris and Al Horford instead of putting any resources into your backcourt is bad team building.

No, the Philadelphia 76ers don’t stand a chance to win the title without Ben Simmons. 0%.

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