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Can Colt McCoy Beat The Seattle Seahawks This Sunday?

The New York Giants officially lead the NFC East after a 19-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday but that win came at an immeasurable price as starting quarterback, Daniel Jones, left the game with a hamstring injury. My man is so fast that he outran his own limbs.

After being tested, reports say that there’s an ‘outside chance’ Jones can play this Sunday but I can’t imagine the Giants organization would risk completely blowing out the 2nd year QB’s tire which means it’s Colt McCoy SZN. Sigh.

But can Colt McCoy actually beat the Seattle Seahawks and keep the Giants in first place?

Colt McCoy is the most average quarterback ever BUT this is the perfect opponent to be average against. The Seahawks rank 32nd in pass defense. They are quite literally the worst passing defense in the NFL. Colt could accidentally throw for 300 yards this week and we get a hilarious still photo of Jamal Adams totally out of position as Darius Slayton catches a wide open deep ball.

The Giants offensive line has improved mightily as the season has progressed including rookie left tackle, Andrew Thomas, who allowed zero pressures last week.

The Seahawks rank Top 10 in sacks but that’s not entirely fair because they went up against Carson Wentz who seems to have some odd fetish where he just looooves being sacked. We don’t kink shame here though. Get your shit off, Carson.

The problem is that the Giants will need to rely on the run game to open things up for Colt to surprise the Seahawks and Seattle ranks 3rd in rush defense. Again, I love what this offensive line has become and Wayne Gallman has transformed into a starting running back but Seattle is going to cram 8 men in the box and Gallman isn’t going anywhere.

Here’s what’s going to suuuuuuck: The Seahawks score 31 points a game. There’s a zero percent chance that Colt McCoy is about to drop 30 points.

The only way the Giants can beat Seattle is if they unleash their secret weapon: Graham Gano. He’s 2nd in the NFL in field goals made with 25  If Gano can get 10 field goals in then the Giants have a shot.

Give the ball to Tucker Graham.




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