Breaking Down The 2019 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament

March Madness IS HEREEE BABYYYY and I’d be ashamed of myself if I didn’t take the time to fill out my women’s bracket. There’s so much coverage every year about who’s going to win the men’s side so if you want to know a little more about the women’s side, walk with me.

The separation of quality between men and women in college basketball is almost nonexistent. If anything, the women are often the better shooters. The men’s side just has a bunch of 18 year kids checking their watches waiting for the games to end so they can hurry up and declare for the NBA Draft.

The one and done rule has made it impossible to follow along every season because by the time you finally wrap your heads around all of the teams’ strength and weaknesses, their best players are gone and a new recruiting class recycles in to repeat the process.

You don’t get to hate Christian Laettner for 4 years. There is no Adam Morrison crying in his shirt after he losses because there aren’t any 4-year seniors in college anymore.

Women’s college basketball is better and let’s break this shit down:

Top Seeds

It’s worth mentioning that if you haven’t followed a second of the action this season then your only frame of reference is the UConn team. Well UConn has fallen off as they are only a No. 2 Seed this year. It’s UConn’s first time not being a No. 1 Seed since 2006. Yikes.


We’ll start with Louisville because they’re in the Albany Region with No. 2 UConn which means they’re probably most likely to get bounced before the Final Four.

Although. Louisville is representing the ACC which has eight teams in the tourny this year including another No. 1 Seed and the Cardinals only lost three games all season. Oh, they also happened to beat UConn this season as well. Just something to think about.

Mississippi State

There is nothing Mississippi State loves more than losing in National Championship games as they’ve managed to do it two years in a row. Their consistency is truly inspiring.

I’d like to imagine their head coach, Vic Shaefer drills into their head all season long that they’re the second best team in the nation again so don’t be shocked if the bulldogs snuck back into the Finals and took that L again. Just like they practice.


The Lady Bears were the best team in the country with a 31-1 record on the year which is insane. They are STACKED with low post talent as they led the nation in blocked shots and defensive rebounds. Baylor has an instant size advantage off the bus.

Here’s the tough break for Baylor, much like Louisville has to overcome UConn in their region, Baylor’s No. 2 Seed is Iowa and they have the best player in the country. The Greensboro division is going to be a bloodbath.

Notre Dame

Arike. Ogunbowale. Say no more.

Top Players To Watch

  • Megan Gustafson (Iowa): I allowed to her earlier. I was being coy. But Megan Gustafson led the country in scoring as well as efficiency with the most points per possession. She’s a 6’3 automatic bucket as she made juuust under 70% of her shots. That’s insane.
  • Kristine Anigwe (Cal): Anigwe recorded 16.3 rebounds per game. No big deal. Just led the nation with 16.3 rebounds a night. Jesus. Oh, she also happened to be eigth in scoring with 22.9 points.
  • Sabrina Ionescu (Oregon): Ionescu eats, sleeps and breathes triple-double. All signs are pointing to her being the No. 1 Overall pick in the next WNBA draft after leaving college basketball in her ruins. She set the single-season record for most triple-doubles. Russell Westbrook of the Northern Pacific.
  • Kalani Brown (Baylor): Feel like I should probably mention the best player on the best team in the country. Just seems like the right thing to do. Being 6-foot-7 in college basketball automatically qualifies you as dangerous.
  • Alanna Smith (Stanford): Alanna Smith reminds me of Breanna Stewart, which is the highest of praise. Like Breanna, she’s 6-foot-4 and can not only post up in the paint but she steps outside the perimeter as well making close to 40% of her 3’s.


Let’s start by saying that the UConn dynasty is dead as hell and we should all be celebrating because that means there are more talented women across the nation then there have been in over a decade. The sport is growing and UConn is dead. We all win.

Also, Notre Dame will probably win again. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. They’re bringing back almost the same exact team as last year and in these March Madness tournaments, experience tends to win out.

But don’t sleep on Baylor. The Lady Bears have the size advantage and a defense that swallows up opponents. Also, a head coach ready to kill if need be.

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