Boy Splashes Water on Woman. Woman Pours Vodka in Boys Eyes. Guess Which One Was Arrested?

JUNE 8–A hotel guest swigging from a liquor bottle while at the pool of an waterfront Florida resort allegedly poured vodka “directly into the eyes and face” of a seven-year-old boy who splashed water near her, according to police.

As detailed in arrest affidavits, Roseanna Kiser, a 33-year-old North Carolina resident, was at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Monday evening when she tangled with the underage victim.

Kiser, police allege, was intoxicated and “drinking from a vodka bottle” while several young children “were also swimming and playing” in the pool (seen below).

Kiser reportedly became angry at the seven-year-old boy “because he was splashing water near her.” So, cops charge, she “opened her bottle of vodka and poured some of its liquid contents directly into the eyes and face” of the child. Kiser then allegedly grabbed the boy by the chest and pushed him “further away from her into the water in the pool.”

(Smoking Gun)

I don’t want to start off by saying that I see zero problem with what Roseanna Kiser did here but I have zero problem with what Roseanna Kiser did here. Kids are out of control. First some Cincinnati kid got Harambe murdered at the zoo. Now some asshole 7-year old boy got this woman arrested for disciplining him at the local pool.

If you’ve ever been to a public pool or a gross waterpark then you know that there are no rules. It’s basically International Waters. It’s post-apocalyptic, Mad Max end of the world type shit. Everyone policies themselves.

When you strip society down to it’s rawest, law breaks down to it’s simplest version. Eye for an eye. You splash water into someone’s eyes, you deserve a vodka shower. Beat your children or someone else will.

It just sucks that we live in a world where we can’t peacefully drink vodka out of a Dasani water bottle next to the motel pool. What is this world becoming?…




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