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Mexican Soccer Fan Tells His Wife He’s Going To Get Cigarettes, Hops on a Plane To Russia To Watch National Team Play Instead

Die-hard soccer fans are known to do just about anything to see their team up close and personal, but Mexican soccer fan Arturo Garcia took this to a new level for the Confederations Cup. In the lie of the century, the Puebla resident told his wife he was going to the store for cigarettes. Instead of getting his fix of nicotine, however, Garcia instead took a flight to Russia to watch his beloved national team play in the tournament.

Garcia, who is originally from Monterrey, said he told his wife that he was going to the store to buy cigarettes, but he never specified where the store actually was. “I told my wife, I’d go to Oxxo for some cigarettes, but I did not tell her which one,” he said–Oxxo is a popular convenience store in Mexico, so it’s safe to assume his wife did not expect a little trans-Atlantic flight to get in between her and her husband.


I thought the whole ‘running out to get cigarettes and never seeing your family again’ was just a running joke from like, The Simpsons. No idea it was an actual thing that dead beat dads were actually doing out here in the streets of Mexico.

Stories like this give me faith that I’ll make it when I finally settle with a woman that I stop caring about 24 hours after the honeymoon. Now I know that I can just run off on my family whenever I want and there aren’t any real consequences to those actions.

Oh, I can just say I’m heading to the coinstar and just spend the weekend with the squad in Moscow?? Marriage is easy as shit. Thank you, Arturo Garcia, for giving me hope in the future. Maybe dating isn’t so hard after all.




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