Apparently Alex Rodriguez Was Too Dumb For His Exgirlfriend Anne Wojcicki

In a profile of her 23andMe exec daughter — who dated Alex Rodriguez for most of 2016 — Esther Wojcicki told the New York Times, “I liked A-Rod, he was a very nice man,” and that “he seemed to be genuinely in love with Anne. But I right away figured out this was a mismatch. He had no academic background. We couldn’t have an intellectual conversation about anything. His main interest in life was something that none of us had ever focused on, which was baseball.”



Damn, this was my favorite one of Alex Rodriguez’s weird ass relationships. Way better than Cameron Diaz or all of those weird bodybuilders he loves to hook up with. I really thought these two lovebirds would go the distance.

But yea, Anne Wojcicki is a scholar and a tech mogul and Alex Rodriguez hits baseballs and stuff. I guess when you put that relationship on paper it looks a little silly. Plus, Anne Wojcicki looks like Alex Rodriguez’s accountant and I mean looks don’t matter and blah blah but like JENNIFER LOPEZ THO.

What do you think A-Rod and Anne talked about? Well, other than the obvious daily conversation that both of their names start with the letter ‘A’ which I assume was their usual discussion at the breakfast table.

Shout out to Anne’s mom for telling it like it is. I hope my mom is out here saying my ex-girlfriends are dumb bitches.



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