Alex Smith Needs To Be Benched For Patrick Mahomes Yesterday

The Kansas City Chiefs started the season 5-0 and Alex Smith was running away with the MVP trophy. The team was averaging 32.8 points per game and they were unstoppable. Alex Smith suddenly learned how to throw the ball further than 5 yards down the field. What a time to be alive for Kansas City fans.

Since then, the team is 1-5 and are 5-6 on the season. There is a 100% chance that they will be eliminated from the playoffs as the San Diego Chargers defense is a PROBLEM for opposing quarterbacks.

Shout out Alex Smith being afraid to throw the ball downfield even though he has the fastest weapons in the NFL. If Sean McDermott is willing to bench Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman, who might be the worst quarterback of all time, then Andy Reid needs to pull the plug on Alex Smith in bring in the ringer.

Patrick Mahomes was a gunslinger at Texas Tech and he’s literally the Anti-Alex Smith. He takes shots down the field and if the Chiefs are losing every game anyway, why not see what your first round rookie can do seeing as how we all know what Alex Smith can do: nothing.

Bring in Mahomes as soon as possible. I can’t watch a fake pitch, fake hand off, screen pass to the wide receiver for 2 yards anymore. I can’t. Time for Andy Reid to throw out that Boise State against Oklahoma cute bullshit and just launch the ball into the endzone.



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