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Aaron Carter Comes Out of the Closet To The Surprise of No One

Aaron Carter coming out and saying he’s attracted to men is less surprising than a WNBA player dating a WNBA player. Of course AC is gay. He’s been gay since day one.

This is actually a sigh of relief. I’ve been calling Aaron Carter gay since he hit the scene and now I’m vindicated. I wasn’t insulting him back then. I was more reaching out and hoping that if I called him gay enough times, he’d come out of the closet on his own.

I mean, look at that photo above. That’s the face of a man who lives off dick and meth. Not necessarily in that order. Probably at the same time. Meth and dick together is like adding ketchup to a hotdog. Old hat.

Last year, Barry Manilow came out of the closet which also was to the surprise of no one. Dear gay celebrities, we all know already. This is all fake news.




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