7 Things That Really Need To Happen in Justice League

5. Green Lantern

jessica cruz hal jordan

I know as of now, Green Lantern has been left off of this Justice League roster. Perhaps DC feels like they have a lot of heavy lifting to do in order to explain the Green Lantern Corp as it involves aliens from across the galaxy and shit. Having said that, there needs to be a scene where Hal Jordan finds the Green Lantern ring. It could even be a post credit scene but do not pretend like Green Lantern doesn’t exist.

It could be Hal Jordan. It could be Jon Stewart. It could even be Jessica Cruz and honestly, I think it should be but ultimately it doesn’t matter. There just needs to be a Green Lantern. No matter how many times the Justice League is rebooted and reformed, Green Lantern is always on the roster. Make it happen.

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