7 Things That REALLY Bothered Me About Wrestlemania 32

[su_heading]7. Roman Reigns[/su_heading]

roman reigns

I don’t hate Roman Reigns. I certainly don’t love the man. I am completely indifferent. He has 2 moves and they both suck. His Superman punch was shrugged off by Triple H all night. Roman Reigns just sucks. I’d rather see John Cena out there being lame as fuck than Reigns being as boring as ever.

I needed Triple H to walk away with the belt. Let him lose it to someone that actually matters. After watching Stone Cold drink 12 beers in 90 seconds. Shawn Michaels super kick Alberto Del Rio. The Rock shoot a flamethrower. Roman Reigns isn’t in that class at all.

I need Reigns fired by dinner time.


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