7 Things That REALLY Bothered Me About Wrestlemania 32

[su_heading]2. AJ Styles[/su_heading]

aj styles chris jericho

I want to quickly say that I’m not a big AJ Styles guy. I think he’s one of the greatest independent wrestlers of the past decade but at the same time, I think his 2016 debut is about 6 years too late. With guys like CM Punk and Brian Danielson retiring from wrestling, AJ Styles missed the Ring of Honor insurgence.

However, he’s still a major fan favorite so why did he lose to Chris Jericho? To the casual wrestling fan who doesn’t know that TNA Wrestling even exists, what reason do they have to care about AJ Styles now? Did Chris Jericho really need another win? You might as well send AJ Styles to NXT because he just dropped so far down in the power rankings.


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