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7 Reasons Why Venom is the Best Movie Ever

Venom has been ripped to shreds by movie reviews and rotten tomatoes and pretty much everyone who saw it but not I. Before I go forward I should say, this movie is weird and extremely dumb but that’s the charm. That’s what makes it the best.

Sony gave Spider-Man back to Marvel and decided to make their own cinematic universe with just the Spider-Man villains. Originally, I thought that was a really bad idea. I still think that. But if they are going to continue to sign on great actors and put them in Hanna-Barbera style Quick Draw McGraw hijinks, then I’m all in on this project.

Here are 7 reasons why Venom is the best movie ever:


1. Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams

I’m a firm believer that Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams should be in every single movie. Michelle Williams is a Top 5 actress in the game so when I saw she agreed to be in this film, I knew I’d love it. She can hit every emotional beat and when she speaks, it’s like you are in the scene with her.

Tom Hardy is a lunatic and I’m not even sure he knew the cameras were on. This was basically a documentary about his life and then they CGI’d in a gigantic black alien after the fact. Every movie that has Tom Hardy running around loose is a great movie. I’m still not 100% certain what his role was in Inception but at one point in a dream, he manifests a bazooka out of nowhere. That scene defines all that is Thomas Hardy.


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