5 Things the New York Knicks Need To Do In The 2017 Offseason

It is absolutely heartbreaking watching the NBA playoffs knowing that the New York Knicks would get bulldozed by the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. It’s like they’re playing in a completely different league.

The New York Knicks 2017 offseason is make or break. There’s Carmelo drama. There’s Phil Jackson drama. The Knicks suddenly have a lottery pick again. This will either lead to happiness or total heartbreak.

Here are 5 things the New York Knicks need to do in the offseason:


1. Draft well.

This should go without saying but unfortunately we’re talking about the New York Knicks so you have to remind Phil Jackson that he’s supposed to draft the best player available. I know everyone likes to praise Jackson for drafting Kristaps Porzingis but he didn’t scout him before the draft at all. He really wanted Jahlil Okafor but thankfully the 76ers made that awful mistake before the Knicks could.

The Knicks are 1000% going to mess up this draft. All they need to do is just take a flyer on the best point guard available but they’ll probably end up drafting a Center or something stupid.[1. Remember Michael Sweetney? Yea, no one does.]


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