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5 Reasons Why Amy Schumer’s Leather Special Sucks

I want to start off by immediately saying that Amy Schumer’s Leather Special sucks. That is an objective fact. It currently has 3 out of 10 stars on IMDb. Google users have given it a 4%. The comedy special was so awful that Netflix had to completely alter and overhaul their star rating system because Amy Schumer ruined everything.

I think it’s easy to just say ”women aren’t funny!’ and to go back to tuning my cars engine but it’s a little more intricate than that. Lucille Ball is the funniest human being, male or female, of all time. Bea Arthur and Cloris Leachman’s comedic timing is off the charts. Women are funny. Amy Schumer is not.

But what are the specific failings of this new Netflix special. Why am I pissed at myself for spending an hour watching this Trainwreck? Pun. Intended.

Here are 5 reasons why Amy Schumer’s Leather Special sucks:

1. Leather

Right off the bat, she walks out and she is visually offputting. I quickly want to start by saying that if your immediate comments on every video involving a woman is whether or not you’d hump her, you’re a loser. Amy Schumer is a comedian, not a model. It does not matter in any way whether or not you find her attractive. Rosanne Barr didn’t get famous based off of sex appeal.

Louis CK is one of the worst looking men on planet Earth and many people consider him to be the best comedian in the game. I love Maria Bamford. I would not categorize her in the attractive field. Looks and comedy are two completely different boxes.

Having said that, Amy waddling out in that leather made me mega uncomfortable. She looked like she instantly regretted it when she walked out as if someone made her do it. Like there was a gun to her head backstage. No matter what she was saying or doing, you couldn’t help but notice how tight that shirt was. I was honestly just waiting for her to pop.


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