40 Best Albums of 2017

2017 was a weird year in music. White supremacists are taking over yet their saviors, Taylor Swift and Eminem, managed to put out the wackest shit of the year. There’s no Kanye West. There’s no Rihanna. There’s no Adele.

Here are the 40 Best Albums of 2017:

40. Jay-Z – 4:44

jay z 4:44

Jay-Z is an old man rapping about credit and marriage. Sweet. Cool. Super fun listen. It’s a great album but did anyone on Earth listen to this album a second time? Remember Big Pimpin’? Wait, be right back. I’m going to go listen to Big Pimpin’

You know I thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em
Cause I don’t fuckin’ need em

Same, Hov. Same.



39. Bjork – Utopia

Bjork makes music for midwives to relieve stress after pulling life out of birth canals in dirty tubs all day so ya know, shout out to Bjork for doing God’s work. I actually really like this album and think it should probably be higher up than 39 but I have to keep her with Jay-Z at the bottom with the washed artists.



38. Mr. Mutha Fuckin’ Exquire – Brainiac

When it comes to the technical art of rapping, there aren’t many people out there better. His ability to spit out a bajillion words in one single breath but not in an annoying Tech N9Ne way but in a cool ‘funny guy standing outside of the bodega smoking a joint and yelling at girls as they walk by’ kind of way.



37. Quelle Chris – Being You is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often

Name a better album title this year I’ll wait. Okay I actually have to write about 36 more albums so I won’t wait that long but I’m making a point that this is the best album title.Did I make that point? The lo-fi cassette tape sound from Quelle Chris produced tracks will make you feel like you were in the shoebox with him recording this album.



36. Jay Som – Everbody Works

As you move through this list you will quickly learn the type of music I prioritize. It’s usually women singing over poppy chords where you’d imagine the music video is a random chick in art school for her second senior year playing on the beach. That’s Everybody Works.



35. Japanese Breakfast – Soft Sounds From Another Planet

Japanese Breakfast makes music for you to play when you’re driving home from a confusing date. Like when you leave a guys house after Netflix and Chilling and you two literally only watch House of Cards and no one makes a move. That type of car ride home. Oh, and you also may or may not have smoked weed at some point.

34. Action Bronson – Blue Chips 7000

Action Bronson is a TV star now, if you think having three shows on Viceland makes someone a ‘star’. But I totally forgot he was also a rapper.



33. Goldlink – At What Cost

At What Cost is a funky rap album that sounds very Jurassic 5, if that’s a thing you dig. It sounds very early 90s rap but instead of Run DMC bullshit ‘I rap y’all I rap y’all, I rappity rap rap, I rap y’all’ it’s ‘I fucked your bitch’. What a time to be alive.



32. 21 Savage & Offset – Without Warning

Without Warning was an album dropped without any sort of warn-oh…I get it now. There’s going to be a lot of Metro Boomin love as this list goes on but quick shout out to Offset for wifing up Cardi B before the wheels come off. Remember when Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea were hot? Yea, neither do I.

31. Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog

Mac DeMarco became famous for sticking a drumstick in his ass live on stage. Now he’s singing about realizing that he’s becoming like his father. Time catches up to¬†all of us, I reckon.


Written by Deadseriousness

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