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New Jersey Assembly Candidate Drunkenly Tells Woman ‘You Should Fuck Me’

How do you become a politician in 2017? Sexually harass every woman you interact with. I mean, look at our president. A precedent has been set. This video was only 9 seconds long but I bet if the recording was longer you can see him clearly try to grab this broad by the pussy.

Brian McDowell wants to be a New Jersey assemblyman and this clip isn’t a greaaat look for him but in his defense, both he and this chick were black out drunk. I assume this was like, 2AM. I mean, the lights seem super bright and the bartender without a doubt was just screaming last call before Brian McDowell took his shot.

We’ve all been there before. Some of us just have a little more finesse than just blurting out ‘you should fuck me’. Also, it’s a pretty short clip but I loved that she just laughed in his face and said ‘never’. That is something I have most definitely experienced pretty much every single weekend of my life.




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