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Kelly Oubre Almost Murdered Kelly Olynyk

KELLY VS. KELLY FIIIIIGHT. The Boston Celtics and the Washington Wizards straight up hate each other and the world has been waiting all postseason long for these two teams to finally play each other and for frustrations to rise to chaos levels.

Achievement unlocked. Kelly Olynyk forearmed Kelly Oubre in the face in a dirty screen and then Oubre immediately took offense to that and went after Olynyk. Unfortunately, the lame referees were on the spot immediately to break things up.

Shout out to Olynyk for flopping. Uh, you were just shoved directly in front of a referee. You don’t need to dive for the call. It’s going to be a foul regardless.

Let’s just hope this leads to an all out war. Tanks on the court and all. I want Avery Bradley jumping off the top rope and elbow dropping Bradley Beal. I need Markieff Morris1 to powerbomb Jae Crowder through the anouncer’s table.






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  1. or Marcus Morris, whichever one is playing that night

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