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Guy Calls Into Chris Christie on WFAN and Calls Him a ‘Fatass’


Chris Christie was almost the president of the United States. Don’t want to sit here and tell you that Donald Trump is better than Christie but I also don’t want to sit here and tell you that Christie is better than Trump.

Last week, everyone was pissed at Christie for closing down an entire beach so that he and his family can just chill there for a few hours. Probably not the best use of your powers. Especially when you’re famous for shutting down a bridge for your own personal gain. Chris Christie should probably stop shutting down public places for himself.

I love this caller coming in hot with a ‘fatass’ insult and then playing innocent when Christie calls him out for swearing on the radio. Weird comeback to call this guy a ‘communist’. That’s probably the lamest thing you can ever say to anyone. You can call a communist a communist and it’s not insulting. That’s not a bad word.

Chris Christie is a fucking loser.






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