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Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict

HOLY SEE – In a shocking press conference Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI revealed to the world that he will be stepping down from the Catholic Church’s highest office. “Through prayer and reflection over the past years,” the world’s holiest man began, “I’ve realized that Allah is the one true God.”

Amid clattering camera shutters and roaring reporters, Pope Benedict patiently answered questions, citing traditional Muslim folklore as well as passages from the Qur’an to explain his decision. His session was interrupted only once, when he swiveled South-East to face Mecca, stooped to the ground, and recited the Asr, one of the five daily prayers central to Muslim belief.

The startling reversal comes as a shock to many familiar with the Pope’s policies on Islam. “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached,” the Bishop of the Vatican famously said of Islam in his 2006 lecture Faith, Reason and the University—Memories and Reflections.

When asked about the quote, Pope Benedict sighed with good-humored remorse and chuckled quietly to himself: “Yeah I’ve regretted that for some time. But I was young and naïve… I see things much clearer now. Besides, I’ve always kinda liked the thought of having a sword. The Cardinals were a real pain on that one.”

When asked whether he would be reverting to his born name, Pope Benedict enthusiastically interjected. “I’ve decided to change my name to Sajjad Sayyid Ratzinger,” His Ex-Holiness explained. “I’m keeping my surname purely for logistical reasons, so my Facebook friends and Twitter followers won’t be confused.”

His transition hasn’t been without opposition. Hours after the press conference, a special Fox and Friends segment aired on FOXNEWS, featuring a picture of the Pope photoshopped to include stereotypical Islāmic features, including: a turban in place of his mitre, darkened complexion, black hair, and Arabic letters spelling out an endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama tattooed across his chest. Beneath the picture, the panel discussed the possible involvement of Pope Benedict XVI, 85, in 9/11. The segment’s title, “The Holy Heathen,” emblazoned the lower left corner of the screen.

This morning, newspapers nationwide featured an editorial by Bill O’Reilly detailing the parallels between the Pope’s “betrayal of God-loving Christians everywhere” with the “betrayal of the American people and the Constitution by Benedict Arnold, his liberal agenda, and his radical left-wing entourage.”




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244 replies to this post
    • it is right not to argue but, it is much better to research the truth in an open mind because GOD the almighty will guide everyone who is sincere….
      if the Pope really reverted to Islam i’m happy for him and say masha ALLAH… ALLAHO AKBAR

    • What on earth are you trying to say? Jesus Christ is not somebody that you suddenly loose interest in. People who have found the truth, theologians the calibre of somebody like Pope Benedict are too well versed in the miracles proving the Truth, the countless miraculous healings, the Eucharistic Miracles, the Scientific evidence provided by the Shroud of Turin containing the same DNA as the Sudarium of Valencia and every single Eucharistic Miracle

      On top of that, Jesus Christ actually IS real, He really DID rise from the dead. If you pray to Him He really DOES prove to you that He is God alone.

      Nobody else but God, would have dared to say He was God, and nobody OTHER than God would have performed such miracles in HIS OWN NAME!

      Leave Pope Benedict alone. A Catholic is not the same as a Protestant, The Catholic Church holds the writings of the first 2 centuries of disciples of the original St John. St Polycarp, St Ignatius of Antioch, St Justin Martyr, St Ireneaus……..Read them! They are available to all online!

      Watch also, “Dr Ricardo Castanon PhD – Faith and Science” on Youtube. Study also the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, The Prophecies of “Our Lady of Good Success” “The Message of Akita” The Message of Lasallette” THEN, perhaps YOU WILL ALL REALISE WHY I LAUGH WHEN YOU SAY THAT POPE BENEDICT WOULD CONVERT TO ISLAM.

      Once you KNOW something is the Truth, and have a True God who loves you and speaks to you after Holy Communion, and upholds you during the day. Why would you desert Him for someone who does NOT love you? Why would you serve anyone else, when God loved you so much that He died as a sacrifice for your sins so that you might go free and be with Him in Paradise.

      He rose again, because He is God. over 5000 witnessed Him after He had risen, many of them were known to the authors of the documents I have mentioned above.

      May God be praised. God loves us and lives within us. He has not left us alone. Alleluya!

      • Great writtings my friend, Believe the the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved for He is the only way to God the father. Be not deceived, the Pope’s action is simply a sign of the end time Matt:24.

      • my brother;if he convert to islam is doesn;t means you said; islam is wrong
        my freind i love jesus as well as prophet muhaammed saw;
        we muslim loves all prophet and respect them;b’coz their name is in our holy quran; read quran to know the truth;what you said about adam;
        he is not having father and mother also so he is having more chance to become god rather than jesus b’coz jesus having mother what u say; plz read the quran to knew the truth;may allah bless you ameen

      • Hi there, by the words “Jesus rose from dead” do yo mean or imply that he rose by himself.? Or Do you mean to say God did not raise him from dead and that he (Jesus) rose by his own power?

  1. Being the head of the Catholic mission and well-versed in the Holy Scriptures, His Holiness must have compelling and justifiable reasons for his conversion. The late Ahmed Deedat was instrumental in his conversion. For an in-depth basis of comparative religion please refer to:
    “THE HISTORY OF TRUTH” by Dr. Adel M. Elsaie Ph.D. ( http://www.usislam.org/ ),
    “A BRIEF ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING ISLAM ( http://www.islam-guide.com/ ) and “THE CONCEPT OF GOD IN MAJOR RELIGIONS” by Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik ( http://irf.net/ ).

      • u are really sure??? how come you know what the pope thinking that moment???? if it is not true, then maybe the website who first spread this news must be condemned!!!! then if it is true, alhamdulillah.. allah guides whom he wills, and for those whom allah sends astray, for him there is no guide!!!

      • And if convert to islam God will forgive all the sin you’ve did, you as clean as newborn baby may Allah forgive you ameen!

  2. To make this article and their claim credible they have to include credible personas. This is a similar case to what I am saying.

      • Hey man,
        I think you’ve got it wrong, The Catholic Church has been working so hard to mend all differences from all other religion and that would include visiting mosque, synagogue and other place of worship. Pope Joh Paul II has done that before.
        The Picture does not mean anything but just a visitation and respect to other religion. Again, Pope Benedict XVI is not converting to anything. Thanks

  3. if true, then the followers will be more tan you can imagine, if not, then i would wished from the depth of my heart for it to be true

  4. Rat-zinger also at times referred to Islam as an “evil religion” but why not…? Most of the people who converted to Islam are people with inept knowledge of Christianity that includes priests, nuns, artists, journalists and scholars in a lot of other fields of endeavor. I think this is a hoax meant for a laugh :-)

  5. hahaha ur joking folks! pope has no fb & twitter, his accepting the book of quran a gift from our muslim brothers…WTF

  6. Allahu akbr! trully HIDAYA must come to anyone who seekS the TRUTH. ALLAH GUIDE THOSE HE WILL , AND MISLEAD THOSE HE WILL..

  7. How reliable is the source that Pope Benedict XVI is already converted to Islam? I just want to clarify. thanks

    • The source does not seems to be reliable. IF POPE had actually converted to Islam; theis news would be spreading like wild-fire in the media world-over. But who knows, this may or may not be true. Allah s.w.t is the Muqallibal’quloob.

    • The religions of Christians and Jews draw their basics from
      most of the prophets who are described in Quran in a
      simple and clear way and strengthened by the simplistic
      life of prophet Muhammad (pbh). This is clearly making
      a big difference to them who want to know the ultimate
      truth, i.e. Allaha. Welcome to Islam brother Sajjad (earlier
      name Benedict) peace be upon you and those who want to follow you.

  8. I’m a Muslim. I don’t think this is true though. I think this is spam. I saw the news. He’s resigning because of old age. It would be really great if he is really converting but he’s not. And if he is really converting then why would he give his last Catholic Prayer?

    This shows that ISLAM is the true religion and ALLAH (SWT) is our one true God! :)

  10. Allahu Akbar! Allah is the Greatest. Allah says if He so deem can make the strongest enemies of the religion of Muhammmad (SAW) to be part of the religion and contribute positively to the success of the religion. So we welcome Sajjad Sayyid Ratzinger the Deen of Islam. May Allah in His Infinite mercy give us more of his kind and preserve their faith, amin.

  11. just read the Qur and you will find the truth, Qur an revealed to prophet Mohammad before the revelation of Science world and its coincide, subhanallah! not like the bible, there is old testament and new testament…. we are trying to memorize the Quran because it is our Law, mandated by our own God!

  12. If this is true, why not everyone has the right to follow the right path in life, maybe at his old age the Papa find his way to the right path to follow. alhamdulillah…… Allahu akbar……

  13. mashaallah…that is really really true..im so happy, thank you to be with us benedict, allah will forgive u..

  14. “I’ve decided to change my name to Sajjad Sayyid Ratzinger,” His Ex-Holiness explained. “I’m keeping my surname purely for logistical reasons, so my Facebook friends and Twitter followers won’t be confused.” – this statement proves that this is hoax!

  15. Islam is the only religion given by the Creator to mankind. Adam, Noah, Abraham, all the Prophets including Jesus and Muhammad (May Allah bless them all) taught and practice Islam. Catholic church is teaching something else based on the canon of the church.

    • all born are ” fitra ” according to Islam doctrine, as teaching of AISA alaysalaam ”Jesus” Find the TRUTH, I hope so Pope found the TRUTH.

  16. Muslims need to learn the concept of verification before believing the matters in question. We should not believe on hearsay….a big mistakes. The pope is not an ordinary person, so if he was converted to Islam more evidences will come out.

  17. i believe this is true coz ALLAH guides whomsoever he wishes. alquran: inna hudaa hudaALLAH. ALHAMDULILLAHI RABBIL ALAMEEN . . . ALLAHU AKBAR

  18. hoping that bro.sayyd sajjad ratzinger give sum statement about her testimony or conversion in islam..

  19. That is definitely a hoax… whoever wrote this article has the intention to mislead people. The Pope was a not someone confuse about his faith. He was just showing respect and acceptance of people of other beliefs. The pope resigned because of old age and its for the sake of the Church.

  20. Don’t worry people that’s not true at all,just leave them talk whatever they want.just keep that you have,don’t let anybody to take over your Trone .

  21. so that his friends dont get confused on facebook and twitter!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! nothing against islam and i respect islam, but cmon, this joke made my morning. lol

  22. I think this is spam cause if its true…why the media didn’t pull this news out?
    This could be a great topic to discuss with specially with the media people…unfortunately not.

    • indeed. mostly it is the Muslims who would spread news like this and about celebrities converting to Islam. it is as though they need these imaginary happenings to endorse their religion. and then they conveniently forget that spreading lies is a sin. this is already tantamount to fitnah! but yet they excuse it as saying it is okay, because what we say is pryare and maybe this is true. whatthefuck? clearly a case of the ends justifying the means? are they saying in cases like this lying is alright? fitnah ia not haram?

  23. oh my – see this on a few people’s feeds on FB and reading the comments, some people are believing it. Oh my gosh. PUH_LEASE read the other items from this blog! It isn’t serious!!

  24. I am requesting this reporter to produce evidence of the report. There should be a video of the Pope announcing publicly that he swore to Islam. Writings? we can do lots of writing but that was not the statements of the Pope. Please… do it deadseriousness.com so that we will respect you. Reports as of now informing that this is hearsay….

  25. I’m not sure this is true, bcos the news. Would av spread fast like wild fire if it were true. I don’t blv this, not until its all over the news.

  26. If this is true Mashallah! It’s the calling from ALLAH. Remember Brother Yusuf Estes of America? ALLAHU AKBAR!y

  27. Christian people,please don’t argue with them and let them rejoice because they don’t know our religion better. Be humble! Keep us God away from evil…

  28. I will be the first person to be delighted if someone like the Pope will revert to the true and original faith of submission to the true Will of God Almighty (Allaah), which is Islam. Having said the above, I want to say that this write-up is false.. the last 2 lines of the 2nd paragraph “…stooped to the ground, and recited the Asr, one of the five daily prayers central to Muslim belief.” exposes the fallacy of the writer… Asr is the name of a Chapter in the Qur’an & not one of our five daily prayers…

    For the sincere seekers of truth, please get a lot of free lectures and debates (I prefer calling it discussion) from the following website http://english.truthway.tv

    • Not necessarily that what they said is a fallcy of the writer. Asr is also a name of one of the muslims five daily prayers. Apart from a chapter in the holy qur’an. And that is mid day prayer. The prayers names are as follows. (1) subhi (2) zuhri (3) asr (4) maghrib (5) isha’I. Welcome to the religion of peace. Pope. You are now one of us. Means that you are now our brother in ISLAM.

  29. Mashaallah!! i really believed that pope benidect is convertd to islam,
    Allah is the one god! the qur-an is not easily to hold or carry by other relegion
    Only muslims..so lets pray to others to find the right path like pope benidect XVI..

  30. Masha allah
    Why you people surprised I don’t know this is not a first time happen
    This happens before happenings today and will continue till day of judgement finally back to thurth.

  31. converting islam, a puzzle for non muslim, but a pride to all muslims and makes our faith more strongest ALLAHU AKBAR ASSALAMU ALAIKUM SHEIK SAJJAD SAYYID RATZINGER

  32. God Bless pope benedict XV1.We are all one and it is one world.
    Muslims, christians jews and Hindus we are all one and let us be united and save the world from poverty,corruption and hunger.

  33. Why is everyone so serious about this ? This article was written as a joke. If the Pope really converted to Islam, every news agency in the world would know about it and publish/broadcast it. That photo was taken when he visited the Blue Mosque in Turkey. A visit probably undertaken in the interest of general interfaith solidarity.

  34. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! this is an eye opener to every christian in the worlld..Islam is the true religion of Almighty God.

  35. It is funny to see how Muslims can be so easily fooled. If they were not gullible they would not believe in a pedophile prophet pretender. I feel embarrassed for them since they are not capable of doing so. Visit alisina.org or faithfreedom.org for the truth about this fake religion.

  36. If Pope converted to islam then no doubt the media and the church itself
    will hide it, for it affect billion of christian around the world… and shaken the belief and doctrine of christianity…

  37. i can’t start respecting islam just like other religions until the moderates curb the maniacal attitudes of the extremists. Again, I know that not all muslims are bad, but until the day no muslim flies himself and countless others to buildings, I will not respect it. Neither will I respect Christianity until they get rid of their hypocrisies. It’s not enough that YOU moderates know and tell us that Islam is a Religion of peace, when your brothers in faith carry out despicable deeds in the name of your God.

  38. To me I blive its not true but if its true Alhamdullilah. I wnt us to knw that the so called pope is an Illuminati member infact a leader so if it happens he converted to islam he will be seriously hunted by d likes of queen of England, Obama and other strong membars. If Allah wishes he guide whomeva. My christian friend should knw that this pope and likes in power dnt worship God its just a deception notin. Like christianity in d side of God so becarefull.

  39. Allahu Akbar.May Allah guide d muslims especially dos leaving in d west,dos hu hav adopted d evil ways of d disbelievers

  40. why the catholic shuould afraid if pope benedict will convert to islam threre are still so many cardinal that replce him so what is the problem

  41. If he says he’s resigning because of old age I wll take that as not true..pops die on their sits they do not retire ..I thnk he’s way younger than pop John when he died ..and he died on his sit ..y ddnt he resigned?

  42. i think before we all get exited and make a fool of our selves.. i think we should verify such articles.. please dont share this stuff until we have proper proof.. Allah’s religion i not in need of any pope or any other celebrity.. !!

    • Yes Ahamed. It’s a shame that a lot of our brothers & sisters are so easily fooled into believing baseless claims such as this. Anyway, like i’ve commented before, this article was written as a joke for a joke website. Even i found it amusing

  43. I cannot believe my eyes that POPE has accepted Islam.If it is true,I welcome his good decision.
    He has booked a seat in Janna.May Allah bless him &help him to enter Jannathul Firthous.

  44. dont u no the plans of the freemasons they will do what they can to bring islam down but inshaallah Allah will aurely disgrace and expose them.

  45. That was absolute fallacy!there is no an iota of truth in the story;just even take a look at the caption of the news item:Dead Seriousness News: Pope Benedict XVI Resigns Papacy, Converts To Islam. How can this be true. this are mockery websites so watch carefully. Take a read on this paragraph:” When asked whether he would be reverting to his born name, Pope Benedict enthusiastically interjected. “I’ve decided to change my name to Sajjad Sayyid Ratzinger,” His Ex-Holiness explained. “I’m keeping my surname purely for logistical reasons, so my Facebook friends and Twitter followers won’t be confused.” What does facebook and twitter matter so much to ex pope that he cant go by the principles of Islam he had just converted into? STr8up!
    2 minutes ago · Edited · Like

  46. Many people are reverting to Islam. The latest is Arnaud van Doorn, the staunch anti-Islam Dutch politician. We should ponder his reasons. Please read:
    ( http://www.ipci.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Concept-of-Gods-Mercy-in-Islam-and-Christianity.pdf )
    “ MUHAMMAD IN THE BIBLE” by Rev. David Benjamin Keldani
    (http://www.islamicsearchcenter.com/library/comparative/Muhammad%20in%20the%20Bible.pdf )
    “ MUHUMMED THE GREATEST” by Ahmed Deedat
    (http://rsulallah.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/muhammed-pbuh-the-greatest.pdf )

  47. What is the true about such post and what are the details over his convert. Such are questions going around in the Muslim world.

  48. This is satire. Dead Seriousness is one of several newspapers that make fun of current events. A more famous one is The Onion. They all do the same thing: make something extremely silly look like real news.
    Neither the Pope nor Islam is being made fun of here. It’s a mockery of anti-Muslim hysteria in the United States.

  49. Hi everyone, its a biggest fake news . the real truth is he is converted to HINDUISM. HIS NAME IS RAM RATZINGER. !!!!!!1

  50. hahaha, This is Funny! so people had the time to talk about useless articles? nawaoo, CNN and other news would be the fist to broadcast it live on air, it will not be hidden. thanks

  51. incredible…wow…i nvr thought he would do that………..May Allah bless him with heaven…
    i have no words for him…..i’m dumbstruck

    • “You people” why the hell don’t u grow the f up. Whether its true or not is none of your business. Take care of your own soul…because I can guarantee you ur hatred for anyone who doesn’t agree with you will surely be ur downfall . You have no idea what you are talking about why don’t u read the quraan and the old testament and u will find it only encourages love tolerance and peace…the difference between u and us people is that despite the constant persecution we remain steadfast in our beliefs…we never lose faith and ultimately we always hope for better days…true believers know why they hope…. If u ask me …u are the only stupid person here…people like u start wars because of ur ignorance…so do us a favour and keep your illiterate comments to urself….

  52. if its true as i hope so, then he is the luckiest because according to islam Allah forgives all previous sins and he will be treated as a newborn, so he will be pure muslim, zero kilo meter. insha-Allah

  53. It is one’s own desicion to choose his or her religion. let the pope choose his desire but he said that he will not forget the holy cross

  54. Authentic?…Wouldn’t it then have been on a few renowned news stations?..Astighfirullah please post news which is based on facts .

  55. Do u think, at old age, he will get circumcise, circumcision is also a must for Muslim Faith, it is hoax in fact, it is a spam so dear Christian Brothers & sisters nothing to get confused or worried, degital media has many hoax cheats.

    • This story is not so much a hoax as a satire, making fun of people who hate Islam so much they would believe anything written about it no matter how absurd.
      Pope Benedict has resigned — he says it’s due to old age and poor health, but there are probably other reasons. There have been big scandals in the Church. Pope Francis has taken Benedict’s place.

  56. this is no news and by the way who told u the pope is the world’s holiest man. ignorance at the highest level and blasphemous too. DAMN

  57. This is true that this Pope (Benedict XVI) converted/reverted to Islam.
    I would say, Islam is the true Religion which mean remembering oneness of God and fear to God.

    That what I really know about the meaning of Religion, in my own Words, right now, I believe that Islam is the right and true Religion. Christianity can’t accept it, same with me, I can’t accept it at the beginning but right now I feel loosen of feeling so I embraced Islam.

  58. if a man like pope Benedict Ratzinger who is surppose to be the head of all the Christians on Earth has seen the truth and change to a Muslim, now bearing ”Sajjad Sayyid Ratzinger”, I dont see any reason why you have not change. Islam is the only way.

  59. COngratulations to Pope, hope he will become a nice person and help people with his better knowledge. I also praise him to be able to understand the difference between Almighty and His creations . May Allah forgive his all sins.

  60. Guys, guys….. All of the stories published on the site are entirely fictional. The website specializes in satirical – and entirely – fictional articles, many of which are couched as news reports. Sorry dear fellow moslems ….. you eat hoax. LOL Ha…..Ha….Ha….Ha…

  61. Converting into Muslim,Christian,Hindu or any other religion is of no use unless if you do not understand what is your real Dharma.All religions says only one thing.Just surrender unto him….One who does not do then all are bogguss only..

  62. We are simply debating but POPE has not come out with his conversion. This might
    be a hoax but if he has converted, we welcome him into our deen.

  63. Jesus is not GOD!! God is something that cannot DIE!! And not human!! What you ever thinking, who created Jesus?!

  64. If the Pope coverts to Islam it won’t at all become a holy religion, nor the Catholic religion become an ugly one. If the Pope himself thinks that Islam is the only correct religion, he is free to embrace it. Then imagine how the media all over the world will celebrate this mega event! Media has no sympathy for the Catholics. Instead, they now promote anything that degrade the image of Christianity.

  65. Congratulations Pope! May you find everlasting peace as we welcome you to Islam. Izha Jaa'a Nasrul Lahi wal fat'u….

  66. Believing a satirical site is like believing a pig can fly. Muslim should know if it is true or not. He does not make a public declaration of faith or Shahadah. I'm a Catholic and I know some things.


  68. Popes force Muslims into paying jizya to them to expand their rule. The personal papal letters are called missiles the same they drop by drones overhead Muslims in undeclared war while decrying Jehad the declared war of Muslims with every strike. Popes must make a decoy: in fact misled is too said as missile. Muslims make Jehad by the very paralysis of truth that most men have a hatred for. الله اكبرAllahuAkbar.

  69. دلاقولاة بشتون
    AKBAR Taiban: Afghanistan the Graveyard of Empires.
    Mar 8 at 9:51pm

    دلاقولاة بشتون
    Popes force Muslims into paying jizya to them to expand their rule. The personal papal letters are called missiles the same they drop by drones overhead Muslims in undeclared war while decrying Jehad the declared war of Muslims with every strike. Popes must make a decoy: in fact misled is too said as missile. Muslims make Jehad by the very paralysis of truth that most men have a hatred for. الله اكبرAllahuAkbar.
    Just now · Like

  70. Jesus is the solution to the world. John3:16. With out Him we can not get to God John 4:16 and 17. Believe in the way of the Christ for this is Gods designed path of truth to mankind. HE IS COMING BACK.

  71. Yes, Jesus (PBUH) will come back to give the true solution for man kind and he guide the people in correct path and he says "La Ilaha Illallah, Muhammadur rasoolallah" -Aameen!

    THEM GO AWAY, I DON’T EVEN KNOW U, U R EVIL DOERS. Matt7:22 He wont say to
    Jews, Muslim, Hindus but U bcoz u made him Lord.

    THEM GO AWAY, I DON’T EVEN KNOW U, U R EVIL DOERS. Matt7:22 He wont say to
    Jews, Muslim, Hindus but U bcoz u made him Lord.

  74. I'm a Christian and what like to say what do the pope converting to Islam prove? True Christians do not fallow the Pope but we fallow God. Yes where JESUS said that he is sent only for the lost sheep but if you also read in the bible where John 10:16 where JESUS said "I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They to will listen to my voice' and there shall be one folk and one shepherd." There for anyone who WANTS to accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior shall be saved. And even your so called "holy"Quran (Which is 95% Bible verses) says that JESUS says "peace be upon me the day I am boring, the day that I die, and the day I am raised to life again. Except you Muslims say that its Symbolic which its not. Now Jesus is the way the truth and the life still till this day and he is more then a prophet he is the son of God and he is GOD The son. And he will not force himself on you. At first Muhammad had a whole other religion that he was uncontrollable with and which cased him to form his own religion which is Islam. Muhammad is not a prophet of the true and living God.

  75. I am not so much surprise at the happening,but it made me to see the ex pointif as a real sincere man of God.
    We have been hearing rumours of Christian leaders observing muslim five time daily prayers in their privacy ,while they keep enjoying theirs position as church leader.
    BENEDICT (Sayyid),should be seen and applauded as a courageous man

  76. Like others in higher position,the ex pope would have been able to see the chair of Peter,the first head of Christian church:it is said that on that chair there is the inscription of the khalimat sahada thus(La Ilah ila Allah),appeared in three dimensionally engraved.
    No sincere man would see this and think not twice.
    Let the vatican bring that chair to the public.
    What should be noted is that the end time is here when all truth shall be revealed

  77. War inspired to debase islam is going on all over the world.The war is intensed in the midle east,in the area where traditions has it that the anti christ wuold be fought and eventually defeated and killed at the disputed holy city of Jerusalem.
    Just few days ago there was blood moon besides of which a vivide image of a giant but equally bloody cross apeared.Cant we reflect? What is the meaning of cross,the cross is a symbol of condemnation,those crrosfied are accursed,so said the bible.Islamically,Jesus was never crossfied but the holy quran says that it was made to look as if he were the one crucified.He .,Jesus was rescued by his Lord who took him up alive hence JESUS IS ALIVE TO DATE,he would return before the end time,to live and destoy the myth of the cross,and die as a muslim that he was and is todate(WHEN ASKED HE SAID HEAR O YE ISRAEL YOUR LORD GOD IS ONE:vide, Matthew)

  78. Sister,it is a mater of understanding what you are saying and open up your mind,as you rightly said the account of Jesus in the holy quran is the most accurate and consistent.just to remind you of the portion you quoted in your aticle the quran said that Jesus made that statement the day he was born(bcos he spoke in the cradle),if he said,which is true that peace be on him the day he was born,which is correct,and the day he would die,there fore would you considerd a crucified person to have died peacefully?,my sister Jesus can't lie,he was not crucified bcos he is not an accursed person.
    Can't you reflect?

  79. We must all wake up,we are no more in the era of just arguing for religion,but undrestand why God gives us the divine books and keep the holy quran intact confirming the previous ones that had been corrupted.
    My brothers and sisters,fellow human beings, the satanic agents know your scriptures than you do,they know all the raison d etre,but they want to lead you all astray.
    The evil men want to continue to lord it over you,implementing their evil agenda of making the lives on earth unbrarabke for us,giving us false freedom,authorisung what God forbids.
    Let's understand that religion is expected to dictate ow we are govrened so as to have peace on earth.The mission of all prophets asince creation are the same and the goal is to have a peaceful social relationships among human beings.
    This is the target and is what would eventually follow the batle going on all over the world,soon it wii be clear battle between evil forces and the people of God all the deciets and manipulation going on now wiil be exposed.
    This will happen either the world likevit or not it is the willof God as decreed from the beginning

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