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Young Thug Is Dropping a ‘Singing’ Album This Week

Let’s Gooooooo.

I don’t really know what he means by ‘singing’ album is but I’m all for it. Young Thug is the best rapper alive and he deserves to have his experimental album. If we let Drake cry himself to sleep in Marvin’s Room and we let Kanye cry about Amber Rose on all of 808’s & Heartbreak, then there is plenty of room for Young Thug to stretch out his creative muscles.

Last year I wrote that Young Thug’s next album was the most highly anticipated album of 2017 and this week we are finally being gifted that art. Are we worthy? No, but Thugger will grant us this new album regardless.

As great as More Life and Damn were, Drake and Kendrick are not prepared for their irrelevance once Young Thug reminds the world that he is the greatest rapper of all time.

A Young Thug singing album is coming this week. Ah, the things I’d do for a time machine.





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