Yo, Get Chuck Schumer The Fuuuuck Out of Here

What Happened?

Yo, deadass, who’s mans is this?

What is happening here? The Democratic Senate Minority Leader just came out and said that he plans on giving $1.6 billion to Donald Trump to build a wall at the Mexican Border. The fuck? The border wall is easily Trump’s dumbest campaign idea that should have never been taken seriously and Chuck Schumer is jumping off the top rope to fuel the president’s mania.

Let’s all stop hating Republicans for a second and turn our attention to Chuck Schumer, the coward who will give Trump anything he wants just to avoid a government shut down. Again, this wall is the dumbest idea ever for a bajillion reasons and the biggest reason of all is that it would cost $1.6 BILLION TO BUILD.

Why is it more important to spend every single penny to keep brown people out of the country than it is to provide affordable housing and universal health coverage. Schumer wants Trump to like him so badly that he’ll give him anything he asks for.

I’ve never seen anything like this. Who on the democratic side asked for this wall? Maybe let’s all take our knives out of Nancy Pelosi’s back and focus our attention on Schumer going rogue.

Remember when Donald Trump said Mexico would pay for this wall?

If Chuck Schumer was the president of Mexico then Mexico would be paying for the wall. If a bank robber took hostages and demanded a helicopter on the roof for his escape and Schumer was the hostage negotiator, that bank robber would fly away safely in a helicopter.

Get Chuck Schumer the fuuuuuck out of here.




sidenote: I don’t want to hear that this is ‘compromise’. Compromise implies that both sides sacrifice for one common goal. What exactly is it that Donald Trump is sacrificing here? This isn’t a ‘deal’. It’s a complete handout. Boo.


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