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Yes, Signing Sterling Shephard To a Contract Extension is a Bad Move

Before I shit on Dave Gettleman, let me quickly point out that in a vacuum, this is a smart re-signing. Sterling Shephard is entering the final year of his rookie deal and he’s coming off a career year.

Shephard had career highs with 66 catches and 872 receiving yards. He only had 4 touchdowns but no one on the Giants was scoring any touchdowns so we’ll excuse that.

His new annual salary of a little over $10 million ranks him 20th among wide receivers which is a great spot for a player who is still improving every year and could turn into one of the best slot receivers in the league (if Dwayne Haskins is throwing to him).

Here’s why this is a dumb move for the Giants:

This extension, unfortunately, wasn’t made in a vacuum.

The Giants just signed Golden Tate to a 4-year $37.5 million deal. Tate is a slot receiver with an almost identical skill set to Sterling Shephard. I know there is a belief that you can put any combination of receivers together and it doesn’t matter but it does.

You typically need a possession receiver and a receiver that run deep routes. Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald complimented each other perfectly. Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt of the early 2000’s Rams are probably the best example of this.

Shephard and Tate are both short yardage receivers who do not take the top off of opposing defenses at all.

But what makes this decision ever dumber is that the Giants continue to double down and reinvest in their receiving corp after trading away the best wide receiver in the league.

Either you’re tanking/rebuilding or you’re trying to win now. Make up your fucking minds. What are Dave Gettleman’s priorities in regards to team building because he’s all over the place with these moves. You didn’t give Landon Collins an extension prior to the 2018 season but you’ll pay Shephard before the 2019 season after you just paid Golden Tate?

Dave Gettleman is literally waking up in the morning and doing whatever he feels like. There is no planning or strategy to any of this. He’s playing Madden on Franchise Mode with this team.

Don’t be shocked when Gettleman drafts a wide receiver in the first round. Seriously.

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