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Wisconsin’s Brad Davison is the Wackest (And Whitest) Player in College Basketball This Season

Do I even need to attach words to this?

The Wisconsin Badgers were able to sneak a 79-75 victory over NC State on Tuesday night all thanks to guard, Brad Davison, taking 5 charges including a disgusting flop at the end of regulation to give his team the win.

Every college basketball season we all get a brand new white guy that we can all instinctually hate together. The JJ Redick’s and Tyler Hansbrough’s in the world bring strangers together in harmony as they slap the floor on defense and take charges for no reason.

If I saw Christian Laettner at the mall right now, I’d leave the mall and never go back to the mall. No one gets Christmas presents this year. Sorry. Blame Christian Laettner.

Brad Davison joins elite company after this week’s wack ass performance. I mean shit, this guy doesn’t even spell his name correctly. ‘Davison’ isn’t a name, it’s a typo.

Do you miss Grayson Allen? No worries. Here comes Davison to enrage you with his ‘fundamentals’ all season long.


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