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Priest Arrested For Having Road Rage and Whipping Out a Gun

A road rage incident along a stretch of northbound Florida’s Turnpike led to a North Carolina Episcopal priest’s arrest this week after he allegedly pointed a handgun at another vehicle, according to authorities.

William Adams, 35, of Fletcher, N.C., faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after authorities alleged he pointed the weapon at two people late Wednesday at mile marker 125 near Palm City in Martin County.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol report, Adams was driving a red Chevrolet Corvette when he attempted to brake check a Chevrolet Silverado pickup that was closely following his vehicle.

The driver of the pickup attempted to go around Adams’ vehicle, prompting Adams to point the weapon, authorities alleged.

He reportedly told investigators the truck pulled alongside his vehicle when someone inside rolled down a window, started screaming and threw a drink at his vehicle. Adams confirmed that he had a weapon, but said the gun was not loaded and had been kept under his passenger seat the entire time, according to the FHP report.



Look, if you’re going to ride people’s bumpers, you best be prepared to have a glock pointed at your dome. These streets ain’t save. Protect ya neck. I have no problems with William Adams making these jerks sweat a little bit.

No one is team road rage. You might as well just grab a loudspeaker and announce how small your dick is. But William Adams was in the right here. Of course he was in the right. He’s a priest after all. If you tailgate someone then prepare for some gunplay. Those are the rules of the road.





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