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Will Smith Brings The Heat in the Trailer For New Netflix Movie Bright

Quick recap of what you just watched: Will Smith is a cop in a Los Angeles in which magic and elves and shit exist. His partner is an orc and orc lives matter in this very heavy handed racial allegory but humans are white people and orcs are minorities.

Bright is coming Christmas 2017 from the same people who brought you, Suicide Squad, the worst movie ever made. David Ayers is an absolute wildcard. He wrote the first Fast and Furious movie but he also made Suicide Squad which is again the worst movie ever.

Cannot wait until Will Smith picks up a broadsword and starts cutting motherfuckers up. Finally a movie that brings Lord of the Rings and Training Day together, just as the prophecy foretold.

Hopefully this brings back the Will Smith we all know and love. Bad Boys Will Smith is everything. Now he gets to be a cop again? Yup, I’m in. All I need is a Martin Lawrence cameo and this will be the best Michael Bay/David Ayers collab possible.



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