Will Jaime Kill Cersei in Game of Thrones?

I’ve been waiting patiently, I really have but I’m starting to get that Game of Thrones itch which means one thing and one thing only. Time to widely speculate. Let’s start with my favorite couple in Westeros, Jaime and Cersei Lannister.

When we left off, Cersei had just burned King’s Landing to the ground and Jaime did his sister/wifey a favor and kicked the Tullys the out of Riverrun. Rip Blackfish. But what’s next for these two love birds.

At this point, it’s all but certain that the prophecy told to Cersei by Maggy the frog when she was a little girl has pretty much all come true. Her kids have died. Some tradgically and some jumped out of windows in hilarious ways but yea they’re all like, mega dead.

The last part of the prophecy says that her younger brother will kill her which explains why she wants to distance herself from Tyrion but Jaime is technically younger than Cersei. Sooo is he going to kill her this year?

From a story telling standpoint, it makes sense. Jaime is well known for being the kingslayer because he wanted to stop the Mad King from burning everything down in King’s Landing. Well, Cersei has just become the Mad Queen sooo, what is Jaime’s next move?

Do I think he’s going to kill Cersei? Yes, again it would be great storytelling. They’ve spent so much time setting all of this up, I really hope they don’t just have Khaleesi ride in on a dragon and just melt every character. That’s probably going to happen but in the meantime, here is the most badass Cersei moment to date:

“I fuck my brother because it feels good.”





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