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Will Brett Gardner End The 2017 Season on the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees find themselves in an interesting position early on in the 2017 season as they are clearly in the midst of a rebuild while they simultaneously continue to win games. As far as offensive numbers go, the Yankees have the third best outfield in baseball.

But those power numbers aren’t thanks to Brett Garnder. Jacoby Ellsbury, Aaron Judge and Aaron Hicks are quickly forming the best outfield in the game. Aaron Hicks is actually leading the American League with an 1.182 OPS, believe it or not. Gardner is currently batting .182 and Hicks is batting .303. Just throwing that out there.

Will Brett Gardner end the season on the New York Yankees?


Gut reaction: I hope not. I find Gardner’s at-bats to be tedious and an overall waste of an out. I don’t know how much longer I can watch him slap balls directly to the center fielder 4 times a night. Plus, his one superior skill set is his speed and he refuses to steal bases. There is no advantage to having him on the bases because he has no awareness or aggressiveness.

It’s pretty early on in the season but Aaron Hicks has earned more at-bats. Although I think he would totally cool off if given more plate appearances, I still think at this point, his worst is better than Gardner’s best.

On top of that, you have Clint Frazier waiting by the phone for a call-up. He is unproven in the big leagues but again, Gardner is batting below .200 and he stinks. Remember the excitement when Aaron Judge was called up and started hitting bombs. Calling up Frazier could give the Yankees a shot of adrenaline.

But at the end of the day, I don’t think Brett Gardner is going anywhere. Not because the Yankees don’t have better options available but because other teams don’t want a declining baseball player. With the Yankees making a playoff push, there’s a very good chance that they just keep guys like Gardner and Headley and see how far this team can go as currently constructed.



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