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Why Your Favorite Team Lost Jan. 16

Why Your Favorite Team Lost




  New Orleans Saints Lost 32-36 to San Francisco 49ers


Apparently you need a defense in order to win championships. The average 49ers offense put up 36 points. The Saints decided that once they scored that final touchdown that they’ll just sit back and watch as the 49ers drove down the field. Whenever you make Alex Smith look like Joe Montana, you deserve to lose.

"Ima buy my momma a new house coach"

Denver Broncos Lost 10-45 to New England Patriots


Tim Tebow throws like a 9 year old girl with broken arms. He’s so terrible that he’s the only quarterback in the league that is praised for completing only 45 percent of his throws. The only thing he had going for him is playing on Sundays and with the help of Jesus he won enough to get to the playoffs. Sadly, they had to play Saturday night, they didn’t stand a chance.

How to not throw a football

Houston Texans Lost 13-20 to Baltimore Ravens 

Surprisingly, T.J. Yates couldn’t lead the Texans on a deep playoff run. It was a shock to see the third string quarterback struggle against the best defense in the league. It doesn’t help that Yates looks like he was pulled from the stands and has never thrown a football in his life. Also it was good to see the Baltimore Ravens continue to be the most boring team in the league.

who the hell is this

Green Bay Packers Lost 20-37 to New York Giants

Aaron Rodgers had no chemistry with his receivers. After ‘resting’ for two weeks I guess no one saw this coming. I think their receivers dropped all those passes on purpose, I can only imagine how cold it must’ve been. They just wanted to go home. The Hail Mary is the easiest pass to stop, too bad Hakeem Nicks has hands the size of bear claws.

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