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Why Did The New York Jets Draft a Quarterback?

In the 4th round of the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Jets selected James Morgan, a quarterback out of Florida International University which is noteworthy considering that the New York Jets are actively attempting to turn 2018 first round pick, Sam Darnold, into their franchise QB.


Now, the obvious reason for this selection is that Sam Darnold needs a backup quarterback. Last season my man was making out with EVERY girl he made eye contact and missed a month of football after catching mono—that illness only horny teenagers catch.

In his absence, the Jets called upon young Luke Falk to keep their season alive.


Falk started two games against the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. He lost both games in a combined score of 20-61. Luke Falk turned the ball over four times including a 1st quarter pick six against the Eagles.

He completed 56% of his passes and was sacked 14 times. He threw for 98 yards against the Patriots. Jets would’ve had the same result had they not even had a quarterback out there.

I say all of that to 1.) shit on Luke Falk because lol and 2.) point out how desperately Sam Darnold needs an actual backup QB.

Prior to drafting James Morgan, Darnold’s backup was David Fales—a quarterback whose name you just learned as you read it in realtime.

David Fales went to Nevada in 2009 where he immediately transferred because Colin Kaepernick was the quarterback and the playbook was centered around him. Fales had the self-awareness to know that he was not about to jog out onto the field and do anything that Kaepernick could do.


Then he went to junior college at Monterey Penisula before transferring to San Jose State in 2012 and eventually being a 2014 6th round draft pick of the Chicago Bears. What a ride.

Fales has 48 NFL career completions and one of those was even a touchdown! Way cool! And the second he gets thrown into a game against the Patriots he’s going to look like he’s never held a football before.

So yea, drafting James Morgan makes sense.

Until you actually think about it for longer than a second and realize that the New York Jets have literally NEVER developed a quarterback before. Not in their entire franchise history. Not one single time.

Chad Pennington could’ve been so much more but lived comfortably as the 16th best QB every season. They went to the AFC Championship twice with Mark Sanchez and Sanchez was always the worst quarterback in every game he played.

How recently this organization forgets that they tried to develop Geno Smith, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg all at the same time and it was impossible due to practice restrictions that limits how many plays teams can run during the week which puts a cap on the number of reps a quarterback can get.

If your starting quarterback is Josh McCown or Ryan Fitzpatrick then there are only so many second-team reps available to your backup, which was Bryce Petty meaning that Christian Hackenberg never even got to fucking touch the ball. Hackenberg ended his career with a grand total of ZERO games played.

So explain to me how the Jets plan on bringing in a 4th round rookie that is going to need real development before he steps onto an NFL field while simultaneously continuing to build up Sam Darnold: make out lord?

So why did the New York Jets draft James Morgan?

Because the Jets know something that I know: Sam Darnold ain’t it. I wrote that Darnold’s ceiling is Andy Dalton and thus far if you compare their careers after two seasons then that comparison is insulting to Andy Dalton who was winning double digit games every year and making the playoffs.

James Morgan is going to have one phenomenal preseason game and the second Sam Darnold starts to struggle, fans and the media are going to ask Adam Gase nonstop about giving Morgan a look.

The Jets drafted an unnecessary quarterback controversy when they could’ve used that 4th round pick to fill any of the holes in their roster but nope, let’s put pressure on Sam Darnold and ourselves for no reason at all.

Nothing but respect for my future QB1, James Morgan.







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