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Why Aren’t More People Upset About Drake Banging an 18-Year Old Girl?

What Happened?

Drake dined at RPM Italian in Washington, DC, with model and rumored girlfriend Bella B Harris on Monday, spies told Page Six.

Arriving in a black hoodie and jeans, the 31-year-old rapper made his way around 10:45 p.m. into the eatery, where he was spotted enjoying a beverage at the bar. Harris, 18, who used the restaurant’s back entrance, ultimately joined Drake at the Amaro Bar, which is housed in the central area.

(NY Post)


Drake has been not so secretly dating Bella B Harris, a little girl that’s 18-years old. Drake, who is in his 30’s, should probably be getting some sort of backlash for banging a child who just recently graduated from high school.

My only hypothesis is that everyone is cool with Drake banging a little girl because Drake himself, has the emotional capacity of a teenage boy who swears he has a girlfriend but she just ‘goes to another school’.

Remember when everyone was like ‘Drake and Rihanna are perfect for each other. They should make it work’. Laugh out loud. Drake doesn’t want Rihanna. That’s a grown ass woman. No no Drake wants more of a daughter.

Actually, that’s not fair. Drake doesn’t want children. The man has a son and he doesn’t even know where that kid is right now. Drake just wants a girl that isn’t old enough to remember when he used to ride around in a wheelchair on Degrassi.

I really hope this Drake Bella Harris babysitting last 3 more years so we can see these two go to a club for the first time. Aw, these two crazy kids. Or rather, the one crazy kid and her adult chaperone.


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